Should U.S.A. Use Drones To Combat Terrorism?

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The CIA and the U.S. military have been using drones for more than 100 years, but only in the past 10 years the public has realized how powerful this technology is. Drones should be used to combat terrorism in Afghanistan because they are a step into the future for warfare. Drones are some of the most used technologies that are used to combat terrorism in foreign countries, and there is a reason for that. Drones are used to spy, track, and assassinate high priority terrorists. Regular ways of warfare are not working in Afghanistan and Pakistan because the terrorists are very good at hiding, and looking for them on foot is a not only a tedious job, but it is also extremely dangerous. Just ...view middle of the document...

S to deal with because they lost a very expensive spy plane and had to give away one of their prisoners in exchange (Unmanned Military Aircraft, 2003). If U.S. Used a drone to spy on that mission, the drone have might been show down, but there would be no pilot to capture and interrogate.
If the speed of the technological advancements keep going at the same pace it is now, drones might soon fully replace jet fighters. Drones are some times refereed to as UAVs, which stands for unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones are very effective because they do not require a pilot and they can be controlled by a pilot that is on the other side of the planet. Drones come in all sizes, from little quad copters that do surveillance to massive $50 million dollar drones with hellfire missiles that can stay up in the air for more than 24 hours. One of the most used drones is the General Atomic MQ-9 Reaper that is used by the CIA and the U.S. Military. This drone can do both surveillance missions and assassinate high priority terrorists from a high altitude. This drone can stay up in the air for 27 hours, has a range of 3,682 miles and an operational altitude of 50,000 ft, and can carry 2,850 pounds which is equal to 14 missiles (Pros and cons of U.S. drone strikes abroad, 2013). Many people believe that drones have come so far that they will be able to replace jet fighters all together. Although these drones have their advantages, they still cannot replicate what a jet fighter can do. Drones are however very close to replacing spy planes; having a pilot in a spy plane is very risky because there is a risk of the plane getting shot down and the pilot getting captured. Drones can also stay in the air for much longer than regular jet fighters, which can only stay in the air for 2 hours without needing to refuel. Even some of the most technologically advanced piloted spy planes cannot stay in the air as long as drones.
There are many ways a drone can be used in warfare. Currently drones are used to spy and assassinate high priority terrorists. According to Carney, J (2014) “More than 390 drone strikes, in total, have been used against Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.” Drones strikes in the middle east have become very common, and they are the easiest way to assassinate terrorists. Drones also very capable of tracking, surveying and spying on the enemies. Before drones, if a platoon wanted to see what is beyond a hill or a building in front of them they would simply have to go and see with their own eyes, now there are drones for that (Up in the air, 2014). Currently the CIA and the U.S. military operates drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen,
Currently there are problems with the drone program itself and the drone technology, but each of those problems can be easily fixed. One of the biggest problems that is concerning a lot of Americans and foreign countries is collateral damage when assassinating terrorists with drones. According to Pros and cons of U.S....

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