Should U.S Go To War With Iraq?

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Should U.S go to war or not?(This is totally an opinion based essay)U.S shouldn't go to war with IraqU.S right now is faced with a situation where the opinion of people in U.S is so controversial; should U.S go to war with Iraq or not? President Bush say's that U.S should go to war with Iraq because he thinks that Saddam is producing Nuclear weapons but when the weapon inspectors went, they didn't find any Nuclear weapons. I personally think that U.S should not go to war. There are many reasons why U.S should not go to war with Iraq.I think that going to war with Iraq is a war of choice not a war of necessity .War should be a last resort of self-defense, a step to be taken when there are no other alternatives.Why should we go to war with Iraq when there has been no justification? There has been no attack on the US, no Iraqi threat of war, no Iraqi connection to September 11. And yetPresident Bush is trying to connect Iraq to September 11 when there is no connection. The person who is responsible for September 11 is Al Qaeda not Saddam. Al Qaeda is bigger threat than Saddam. Saddam didn't do anything to U.S but Al Qaeda did. So, right our main goal should be to bring Al Qaeda down. Attacking Iraq will not help in our war with Al Qaeda. War with Iraq is not necessary now, yet war will divert our resources from stopping Al Qaeda. So, if Al Qaeda has no connection with Iraq I don't get why President Bush is going with this war. I think that President Bush has got every thing mixed-up.When it comes to U.S invading Iraq, U.S has few allies. Many countries in the Middle East opposed war with Iraq and our allies in Europe think an invasion on Iraq is foolhardy. An invasion on Iraq would isolate the US from the rest of the world and shatter the principles of international cooperation and mutual defense that are key to US and global security. The article on CNN said that the international community supports sending weapons inspectorsto Iraq to disarm Saddam Hussein's regime, but it does not support the White House's goal of "regime change."Iraq as of right now does not pose a clear and present danger. President Bush say's we should invade Iraq to prevent Saddam Hussein from using weapons of mass destruction. But during the 1990s United Nation's weapons inspectors dismantled (disconnected) all of Iraq's major chemical, biological and nuclear weapons facilities and destroyed nearly all of Iraq's weapons and long-range missiles. Iraq's military as it is to right now is at one-third of its pre-Gulf War strength. According to Ex-Marine and former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter, Iraq presents "absolutely nothing" of a military threat. And given Hussein's natural desire for self-preservation, it is highly unlikely he would launch any attack that would result in his destruction. Since deterrence (restriction) is working, why should the US start a bloody war that wouldundoubtedly lead to massive human suffering? Scott Ritter has also stated that there are no...

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