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Should Under 10 Year Olds Be Allowed To Play Football?

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One day a parent will be faced with the difficult decision some face this problem sooner than others. Image one day your sitting in your kitchen and your five year old walks up to you and wants to play full contact football with the rest of his friends what do you do? What do you say? Would you let him play? Some parents would say “no way” but, why not? Football isn’t as dangerous as many people would have you to believe. The game is evolving every year to make the game safer for the children and adults who play it. Most people believe that football is a game of giants but some of the best players in the Professional Football League are under 6 feet tall. Just because your child is smaller than the other kids doesn’t mean he will not be as good or better than the other kids, football equipment is getting safer for the children every year, coaches are being trained to protect the children, children who start playing the early have a better chance of playing the sport they love as a professional.
I know a lot of parents go through the thoughts of their child being hurt or that their child might not be as good as the other kids because they are smaller. Just because your child is smaller than other kids doesn’t mean he will not be as good as, or better than the other kids. I know from experience that size isn’t everything on the football field I have been playing football since I was 12 I now play semi pro football for the Warrenville Township Wolves. I have a nephew that played football last year for the first time in his life he was 8 years old and had never even watched a game of football beside a few games that he had come out to watch me play. He was about 4’0 and weighted 65lbs soak and wet. Well his mother was not at all happy with the idea but I convinced her to let my nephew play. He was the smallest kid on the team but, the coaches saw the potential in him so he started him as the running back it was about half way through the first quarter the coach called his number meaning he was going to give him the ball. my nephew got the ball on the other teams 20 yard line he ran straight through the middle and he was so small I don’t think any of the other players even saw him he ran the ball for 80 yards and his teams’ first touchdown of the year, but he wasn’t done he score two more times that game. He scored every game that season and they named him league MVP at the end of the season and he played in the all star game his first season ever playing the game I know every kid probably wont have the success of my nephew but, how would you know if you don’t let them play.
Football equipment is getting safer for the children every year. Sports equipment safety standards are overseen by the national Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) a volunteer trade association made up mostly of doctors and representatives of the sporting goods industry. NOCSAE’s football standard, developed to prevent skull fractures and other...

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