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Should United States Troops Stay In Iraq?

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The U.S. lead war in Iraq is a very hot topic today around the globe. It seems as if everyone has something to say about the Bush administration, weather it be good or bad. Many people seem to think that America should pull out of Iraq since it is not the United States place to be over there trying to rebuild a country that is not ours. But if these people could just simply be provided with the facts and the reasoning behind going to war with Iraq, many people wouldn't feel as if the war was unjustified, and they would also see that it is necessary for the United States to stay its troops in Iraq (McCartney 400).Some activist groups are saying that the United States should pull its troops ...view middle of the document...

These are the first signs of democracy. One of the greatest things the United States has done is freed the Iraqi people from a mean and ruthless dictator, Saddam Hussein.Kurds and Iraq WarIraq itself includes three major groups: Sunni Muslims in the centre surrounding the capital of Baghdad, Kurds in the north and Shi'a Muslims in the south. About 15% of the population is Kurdish, 80% Arab. Some 60% are Shi'ite Arab Muslims like their neighbors in Iran, but they are Arabs, not Persians (Sprules 94).The important event after the Iraq war is the event of 10th April 2003 when Kurd's occupied oil city Kirkuk, which alarms Turkey. The capture of Iraq's fourth-largest city could have major ramifications as different groups position themselves for power in post.Iraq War and United States EconomyOpposition to the War with Iraq is growing in U.S. Recent polls show that 63% of U.S thinks that U.N should give weapons inspectors more time and 30% say that we should take military action soon. 70% of the people say that President Bush should get congressional approval on Iraq and 20% say that Bush should decide for himself. 29% of the people say that U.S should act now and 65% say that U.S should wait for allies. More American's believe that war will make the economy worse than believe war will improve it or have no impact (Marter 7).It is estimated that any full-scale invasion of Iraq will cost U.S. up to $200 billion. The war with Iraq is going to cost U.S more that the first Gulf war. It is also necessary to worry about U.S. own problems like our economy, which is down and going to the war will may make it even worse.ConclusionIf the U.S. would pull out of Iraq now, the terrorists would prevail. Terrorists have been prevailing over democracy and freedom for to long and after many missed chances the United States has finally stepped up. In Somalia during 1992 and 1993, 18 American soldiers die in a relief effort to help feed starving Somalis, U.S. pulls out. February 1993 the first bombing of the World Trade Centers takes place, six Americans...

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