Should College Athletes Be Payed Or Not?

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College athletes now-a-days are getting paid to play like its a job. Although, do they deserve the pay they get or even the pay at all? College athletes do not deserve to be paid because the point of college is to get an education, not a “camp” before the pros.

It has been statistically proven that out of all the Division 1 sports teams, only 45% of them are actually allowed to graduate. Colleges need to focus on the “athletic-students” now. They need to get the “athletic-students”, who are only in college for the sports, to become “student-athletes”, who are students that are good at sports but have school as the number one priority. Although, most people are only looking at the graduation rates, which are low and need improvement, but they don’t show the entire story. They only show how many people graduate, not all the people that got an education. This doesn't mean that all the athletes got an education in college. Colleges need to change and enforce a few things to make sure that their athletes are understanding the sole purpose of college, an EDUCATION! They could bench freshman until they can prove that they are ready for the responsibility of going to college and playing sports. Colleges should even make the people that are failing classes, or skipping lessons and lectures without a good reason ride the bench for a game. That should teach them to take their college education more seriously. There are some colleges that are doing differently, and they are seeing the improvements in the student-athletes graduating. “Education and big-time sports can be combined. Conscientious schools such as Notre Dame and Penn State field exciting and money making football teams, yet also see more than 75 percent of their senior players up on the stage on graduation day, getting degrees. If colleges really cared about the education of big-time athletes, they should keep the halls open to the athletes after the pro dream evaporates.” (Egendorf,81) So basically colleges need to allow their past big-time athletes to come back once their professional career ends so they can get another paying job. That would seem like the common thing to do, but not everyone thinks about this. Colleges should definitely focus on the education of their athletes. That is the whole point of college, right(Egendorf, 80-88)?
If you really think about it, the scholarships given to the athletes should be extended to the after their careers. With Notre Dame and Penn State opening the doors to previous athletes other schools should think about extending their scholarships. Most of the students in D1 sports receive four year scholarship, but their graduation rates are noticeably lower than the other college students. The players take all the wrong classes for all the wrong reasons. They take the meaningless classes due to the pay the get from the college. By taking the wrong, meaningless classes, they think that it will benefit them to graduate college, but what about after college...

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