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Should University Students Be Required To Attend Classes?

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The transition from high school to university can be challenging for many students. Students quickly notice differences between the academic expectations of high school compared to those of universities. High school is heavily structured, students’ attendance and participation are regularly monitored, and teachers are in daily contact with them and provide regular feedback. On the contrary, university students are responsible for organising their course schedules. They are not mandated to attend lectures regularly and professors do not monitor their attendance in the majority of the courses. Additionally, assignments and tests are the only source of feedback. Students experience a higher level of discretion and freedom in universities. However, the freedom given to students can have negative impacts on their academic success. Many students attend the lectures sporadically and some do not attend them at all and merely do the assigned work. Moreover, students who attend lectures regularly and come to lectures prepared are more likely to succeed and do well in the course than students who do not. The lectures provide the opportunity to further explore and discuss ideas as well as ask questions and clear up any ambiguities about that specific idea. Therefore, universities should promote regular attendance by making students realize their financial, academic and social responsibilities as university students.
Enrolling in a university can be a financial burden on students. Some are able to get support from their families while others have to rely on federal and provincial loans. Taking loans from the government often has interest rates when it comes to paying them back. With this cost in mind, students should understand that is it worth the time and money that they are spending there. To attend classes they will not feel that money was wasted. In fact, they can make a good use of the money that they have paid to the university. Furthermore, they have to understand that if their parents are paying their tuition they will have certain expectations from them too. None of the parents would want their children to misuse their money by not performing well at university or not attending their classes. The same thing is with the government loans, they also have some rules set and any of the students do not do well they can detect money from them. For example, if a student fails his or her classes she or he will not be able to get loans from the government. When a student won’t be able to receive money from government and nor their families can afford to pay for them it will be hard for students to continue their education. Therefore, they become financially responsible and do their best to not lose the chance of continuing their education.
Students work hard and put lots of effort into gaining admission to the university. University students are adults and because of that they are expected to be present in classes and get the assignments done on time....

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