Should Vaccines Be Compulsory In Australia? Charles Campbell Assignment

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For decades, vaccines have been beneficial in the prevention and in diminishing the infection of some serious diseases. However, there has been an evident increase in the percentage of non-vaccinated children in Australia; this has led the Australian government to undertake serious measures in order to encourage child immunisation.

What are vaccines and how do they work?
Vaccines are made from the same pathogen (or part of it) that causes the disease. This prepares the body to fight the virus without exposing it to the disease`s symptoms (Live Science, 2017).
When a vaccine is injected into an organism, the body`s immune system recognizes the germs as foreign invaders and hence recruits the production of specific proteins: antibodies. Antibodies aid the protection of the organism`s body by ‘fighting’ and destroying the presence of that specific bacteria or any other future infections (Wikibooks, 2017).

The benefits of vaccination:
Some infectious diseases seem to have disappeared and parents may wonder why it is necessary to continue vaccinating their children. However, the disappearance or the significant reduction in diseases such as polio or measles is not only due to improved socio-economic conditions; but there was a tremendous drop in cases of people dying of any of these diseases, due to the introduction of vaccines (WHO | Vaccination greatly reduces disease, disability, death and inequity worldwide. 2017.).
Higher standards of living and sanitation on their own, unfortunately, cannot guarantee protection against infectious diseases. Moreover, the concern of the medical profession is, if child immunization decreases, this will subsequently increase the share of unprotected subjects, and even an occasional introduction of viruses and bacteria could result in epidemics of polio or other serious illnesses that have momentously “vanished” in Australia and in other parts of the world (WHO | Vaccination greatly reduces disease, disability, death and inequity worldwide. 2017.).

Why are some people refusing to vaccinate their children?
For the past few years and especially since the introduction of social media, child vaccination has become a globally controversial issue.
Anti-vaccination movements supported by a large and incremental number of families and even anti-immunization doctors; believe that vaccines cause adverse reactions and could be the possible cause of the development of mental disorders such as autism.
Many families complained to have seen changes and symptoms of deficit or even autism disorder, after vaccinating their children; some of them even confessed to have seen their babies undergo epileptic seizures after undergoing immunization. However, this is contradicted, by a pro-vaccination medical perspectives, since there is no scientific evidence that supports the assumptions made on vaccines causing autisms (, 2017).
Furthermore, anti-vaccinations propaganda in Australia...

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