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Should We Abolish The Death Penalty, Or Is It Reliable?

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“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them?” (Tolkien). Death sentences have been part of society for a long time. Historians can date the first death penalty laws as far back as the Eighteenth century B.C.. Throughout history these laws have morphed and shifted in and out of different societies; new approaches to perform the executions, new ways to be eligible, and new reasons for its use. While some people argue that the death penalty should be abolished because of the negative impact on American morals, others argue the exact opposite and believe that it should remain because it is an important deterrent to future crimes.
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In addition, the financial cost of the death penalty, opponents say, is also too high. "Since reinstating its death penalty in 1978, California has conducted nearly 2,000 capital trials and has executed 13 people. Over those 33 years, the death penalty system cost the state $4.6 billion. Divided up, that equates to $308 million per execution" (Delcour). Many people have a hard time knowing that their state has been spending so much money on death, rather than helping their society. Opponents argue that there are better ways to be spending state money and that there are also cheaper forms of punishment that can produce similar results. On the surface, the death penalty already contains moral conflicts, opponents say, and when put under closer examination, demonstrates more and more negative outcome through the overlooked cost.
However, there are many people that argue that the death penalty is used as a successful deterrent and is reliable. Casey Carmical, a professional translator, states in his article “Capital Punishment Is Morally Justified” that “The death penalty is actually 100% effective as a deterrent to crime: the murderer will never commit another crime once he has been executed”. Rather than only being used as intimidation, proponents state that the death penalty is used to prevent repeat offenders with a harsh, yet definite punishment. This punishment confirms to be precise. In the Los Angeles Times, one author voices, “If the death penalty has prevented some people from being murder victims, then doing away with it would create additional murder victims. I would far rather face the moral consequence of innocent victims being killed” (Ardaiz). The death penalty saves lives through prevention, advocates argue. They understand the problem with taking a life buy they urge the reward of saving one or even multiple lives. In addition, the supporting side promotes that many executed criminals later had their guilt even further proved. Jonah Goldberg, editor for the National Review Online, wrote in his article “Why Death-Penalty Opponents Can't Win”, “We hear so much about the innocent people who've gotten off death row—thank God—because of new DNA techniques. We hear very little about the criminals who've had their guilt confirmed by the same...

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