Should We Accept The Hip Hop Industry Negative Images?

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Ever since the sexual revolution of the late 20th century, sexual images in the hip-hop mass media have become more widespread and accepted. For many years now, the hip culture has had a love affair with sexual images its female artists portray. Female artists in this industry have graced the pages of magazines with their images of sexuality. The hip-hop community seemingly applauds women who have a sexy image. The hip hop industry has become less interested in issues of personal growth of the music and more interested in the fashion advertisement of their female artists. This new trend of behavior is causing the hip-hop culture to shape an unrealistic and negative image of women, thus creating a devastating effect on the identity and cultural standards of an ideal woman. People shouldn't accept this new love affair by the hip-hop culture because it portrays a negative image of women, it changes the style of music, and it affects children today.The hip-hop culture today is notoriously known for its hyper sexual negative images its female artists portray to the public. When readers look in magazines, they see these female artists trying to attract the public eye by wearing revealing clothes. These female artists engage themselves in sexually provocative posses in scantily dresses just in the purpose of selling records. These artists believe they are making more revenue by doing this ridiculous act, but they do not know they are constructing a negative image of themselves. The music industry gives women an identity of being promiscuous and gold diggers who would do anything for cash. The music industry knows that sexual image on the cover of a cd or a magazine makes that product stand out from other products when it is in a crowd. The music industry and society should learn to respect the image of a woman's body and they should not use them for advertising because they were all once inside a woman. The hip- hop industry must construct a positive identity and background towards the gender that gave birth to mankind. Women should be seen as independent and strong self-confident people and not as sex icons or beauty queens. Sexual images by female artists are also shown to influence the change in the style of hip-hop music that commonly contains sexual explicit lyrics.The exposure of sexual image in the world of hip-hop has had an astonishing effect on the style of music for its female artists. It seems as though sexuality in a female artist can be a way to substitute for pure hip-hop talent. Hip-hop producers today seem to be eager in producing sexy female artists because they know they are the ones who are very popular today. Some female artists today are using the content of sex to promote their...

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