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Should We Ban The Use Of Firearms?

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Should We Ban the Use of Firearms?The NRA brings up many issues and resolves them to the best of their abilities. One question that is still left unanswered would be why are they letting citizens own the guns and firearms? Many innocent people die each and everyday because of an accidental shooting of a firearm. If there were a ban on the weapon, would this still occur? There are many writers and organizations that are for and against gun control. There are three particular readings that I have read that would definitely support the ban of these weapons. The first reading was by Ruth Rosen, the second by Josh Sugarmann, and the third by James Wright. These three readings all point to the fact that if these weapons were banned, the number of deaths would go down. If guns and firearms were not allowed for personal use, the number of deaths would definitely decrease.The first reading is by Ruth Rosen and is titled, "Domestic Disarmament: A Women's issue?" This article begins by her explaining her opinions on women and gun control. She believes that women are forced to protect themselves because of the incidents that are occurring. She believes women are targeted now because the gun industry had run out of male customers. "About four years ago, gun manufacturers realized that they had run out of male customers"(Rosen 176). She then goes on to show how gun companies have targeted women by making publications specifically for women. An example would be Women and Guns, American Firearms Industry, and eventually had issues in the Ladies' Home Journal. She also goes on and talks about how women and men differ. "...No one else is as well organized- or seems to care enough- to protect out families and communities from random gun violence" (177). Next, she talks about how women in poor neighborhoods are the best examples of why gun control is a women's issue. She believes that in these poor neighborhoods the men are either dead or in prison and the women are the only ones taking action. One major point in her article was, "...a handgun in the home is forty-three times more likely to kill a member of the family or an acquaintance than an intruder" (177). Doesn't this prove enough that we should ban the weapons for average people to possess? Then her final point was that the goal is to have domestic disarmament. If we have this there will be fewer deaths. "...We must also ban the weapons people use to kill each other" (178). "The best way to protect our families and communities is to boycott the gun industry and ravage their profits" (178).The second reading by Josh Sugarmann titled "The NRA is Right" also views the issue in favor of banning weapons. This article was mainly aimed at the NRA and their organization. Josh begins by giving a few statistics regarding handguns and murders. He says "Handgun violence is usually the result of people being angry, drunk, careless, or depressed..." (Sugarmann 185). Most of these are temporary emotions so if there was a...

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