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Should We Carry A Gun? Essay

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Nowadays, Guns become a part of our life; However, many people think that guns are the cause of most crime in the U.S.. Also, some people think that there will not have any crimeimal activities if the gun control exist. Today, the issue of gun control is still an important decision in out country. In my opinion, people are failed to recognize the problem in our society today. In the article, “A Peaceful Woman Explains Why Carries a Gun,” Linda Hasselstrom explains that only carrying a pistol can keep herself safe. She lived in the rural alone and always followed by a man. It means women always try to be cautious and careful, and they still cannot predict what other people will do to them. ...view middle of the document...

Fortunately, my uncle lost his car and did not get hurt by the man. The police officer finally came after the man ran away, which was too late to help my uncle. After I understood the whole story, I reailzed that my uncle was vulnerable and defenseless at that time. He could not save himself or get help from other people. If the man tried to kill my uncle, my uncle would probably dead and could not fight back. On the contrary, guns can protect us and stop criminals to hurt law abiding citizens.
Second, we can lower the crime rates when we carry a gun for self-protections. In the past, we have tried different method to protect ourseleves such as avoidance, pepper spray, and baton. Although we have these great ideas for self-protections, we still cannot stop all the crime. Today, we hear a lot of news about kids kill their teacher for murder with a gun. In my opinion, I think kids and teenagers do not have enough education on guns. According to the Fox News, a student walked into Colorado High School with a shotgun for revenge against a teacher last year. It does not mean we do not have enough laws on guns because kids can get tobacco, weapons, and alcohol in many different ways that are laws against today. Most teenagers are not mature enough, and they are not caring about the laws. If we cannot stop teenagers to buy guns or other weapons that are laws against, I think the only way to solve this problem is to carry guns for self-protections. In Switzerland, everyone is required to carry a gun but their crime rate is literally at the bottom of the world. It shows that guns are very useful to stop the crime. To sum up, it is an advantage for us when we carry a gun because it can reduce crime
In additional, guns not only reduce crime but also remove our fear from strangers. The article, “Why...

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