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Should We Change The Roles? Essay

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For many years we have been living in a society where depending on our sexuality, we are judged and expected to behave and act certain way to fulfill the society’s gender stereotypes. How is so? Since the day we are born we are categorized as a boy or girl bases on our sex. Frequently, we heard the nurses in the Maternity facility saying things like, “Oh is a strong boy or is beautiful fragile princess.” Yet, not only in hospitals we heard this types of comments but we also see it on the media, where they are referring to guys as tough and girls as delicate and weak ones. The truth is that in our society gender role is more important than sexuality. But does sexuality and gender really ...view middle of the document...

That’s why this term is used for men.
Furthermore, women are tag to be feminine. The reasons is because they are the ones that nurse the kids, have that maternal instinct to protect and do things in a lovely and carefully way. That’s why in our society women are portrayed to be the households. According to the society, being a house maker is not a complicated job. As a consequence men are the ones that provide money and protect the family in a physical way. Therefore, because men have more strength, they performed what are considered the arduous work. Nevertheless, this pattern isn’t new. Through the human history men have always performed the outside work instead of doing the chores at home. A clearly example of this takes place in the Paleolithic Era. During this era, the cavemen hunted the food while young and old women gathered to take care of the children. The cavemen left proof of pattern in their drawing showing a group of men with their spears killing the buffalos and mammoths animals. We can see that these gender stereotypes were used since the beginning human’s history and has been passed by generations till our days. However, this has not always been like this because as the humans developed through the years, their ideas and the way they viewed things have changed and many have challenged the gender roles.
Breaking the gender roles have shocked the society and unfortunately, they don’t see itright. In the 21st century more and more men and women have challenged the gender roles. By what I mean is that is that more men are doing what society considered “feminine” and women doing the “manly” work. For instance, it is considered to be a woman thing to be a nurse since it provides care but, “more men are becoming nurses” (Protecting Gender 318.) Nowadays a...

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