Should We Compromise The Young For Cigarette Smoking?

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Should we compromise the young for Cigarette Smoking? Nicotine addiction is still on the rise in North America. There have been some ambiguously valiant attempts by the government and other health organizations to stop the addiction to nicotine, but surprisingly enough, the number of young smokers is still on the rise. This continued debauchery of our youth needs serious attention or else endless lives will be lost and billions of dollars will be thrown away due to this pointless addiction.To really solve the smoking dilemma plaguing our society, social issues dealing with smoking must be addressed. Two of the major social factors that are enticing our young to start smoking are advertising campaigns, and the influence of social pressures.Teenagers face many challenges in tackling the transition from childhood to adulthood, and it makes sense that young adults would use any thing that helps them with this transition. This is where smoking comes into the picture. It is the natural predisposition of the teenager to strive for mature independence, and when continuously subjected to smoking advertisements depicting sexy, intelligent, cool, and mature individuals it is no wonder that teens are drawn to this addiction.One method that has been used to counteract the corrupt advertising of the cigarette industry is the use of antismoking advertisements. Antismoking advertisements have been known to skillfully depict the disgusting and harmful effect that smoking has on the body. In fact, some advertisements have been known to make some of the most undeviating smokers gag. One add, for example, portrays a young individual drinking from a cup filled with saturated buts, floating in a pool of oozing ash. As effective as some of these advertisements may be there is a major flaw when considering the smoking market. Subjection, or human nature, dictates that people will generally attract towards positive feelings and experiences and stay away from the negative. This means that as effective as the antismoking advertisements may be, smokers are more likely to hold on to the constant pleasure that smoking creates, rather than the one time subjection of an antismoking advertisement.The government has put some restrictions on the advertisement of nicotine products, but to what extent? Advertisements are now placed in media that is intended for the older market, but material is what the young are trying to emulate. Upon observation of the various...

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