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Should We Drill In The Arctic?

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Should the United States drill for oil in the Arctic? As most people should have known, the oil and the gas prices had rise since the attacked of the terrorist on 9/11/01. Ever since the evolution of machine, the technology of machine for drilling for oils has advance very much over the past twenty years. With the advance of technology, drilling for oil had been much simpler for the people and much more efficient in terms of oil collecting. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an enormous piece of land located in the Northeast of Alaska, is believe to contains about a billions of barrels of oil. If the United States are willing to drill in the ANWR, this would lead to trade deficit because ...view middle of the document...

If an opinion poll were taken, more people would prefer drilling for oil in the arctic than disallowing it, even for those that are under 18, because it would give a rise in economic, more job opportunities, and the gas and oil price would drop.People under the ages of 18 may not know much about economic or about these oil drills situation, unless they had taken economic or keep up to date with the news nowadays. From the result of the poll, there is an estimation of about 23% of the people under the ages of 18 disallowed for the United States to drill for oil in the Arctic. Most of these people are basically female and they all thought that by drilling for these oils, it would cause a bad environment. It would also causes the oil to not be existed on earth for the future if the United States planned to drill all of these oils in the present days. Apparently, there are more people agreeing to drill for oil in the arctic than no. An approximation of 77% of the people under age of 18 wanted the United States to drill oil in the arctic. Not only so that the gas price can drop, but also so that the economy can rise and there would be more opportunity of jobs. As a matter of fact, most teenagers believed that drilling for oil is a good thing to the United States of America.From the opinion poll, most adults also thought the same as their fellow teenagers, except that there are more adults disallowing the drill than those of the teenagers. According to the results, 37% of the adults think that drilling oil should not be allowed. One of the poll taker believed that these oils should be saved for later uses in the future as most of the adults believed that by drilling for these oils now would makes the oils to be gone soon. Some of the adults also believed that drilling for these oils would not make a differences in the society or economy, but rather it will cause problems to the society. There are also the other 77% of the poll takers, and all these poll takers believed that oil should be drilled for in the Arctic. With the same opinion as the teenagers, they also...

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