Should We Drill Offshore For Oil?

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Whether we get around by car, bus, or plane, oil is an important factor in most people's lives. The demand is huge, and prices have shot up fast, making us now seek sources for oil in other countries or by drilling offshore. This essay will address the issue from Taking Sides (2013) of “Should we drill offshore for oil?” First, I will talk about the benefits of offshore drilling, economically and socially. Next, I will talk about various arguments against offshore drilling, paying special attention to possible environmental threats. Finally, I will say my personal beliefs, taking both sides into consideration.

Baird, (in Easton 2013) argues in favor of drilling offshore for oil, ...view middle of the document...

She argues a lot for increased education of students on environmental issues so they can make more informed decisions on important issues, specifically stressing the importance of critical thinking issues. The main criticism I have of this argument is that is seems to go really off track because she goes on to talk about teaching students critical thinking skills, rather than continue with arguments against offshore drilling. While education is undeniably an important factor in the future of environmental issues, her emphasis weakens her argument because it distracts from the issue at hand of drilling.

My personal view on offshore drilling for oil is that we should do it in a limited quantity and utilize the precautionary principle. I believe that we should focus mainly on creating technologies for safer drilling and do more research into new methods and risk assessment before mindlessly drilling. Haavik (2012) argues for more research to be put into the field of development of safer methods for drilling and provides evidence for safer methods that will protect both the workers and the environment. New research and technology is vital to the issue of offshore drilling because it can allow for it to continue and minimize costs. Haavik provides evidence to how new...

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