Should We Fix Acid Rain? What Is Acid Rain And Its Causes? Should We Fix It? By Who And How Should It Be Fixed?

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Acid rain or acid precipitation is the rain, snow, fog hail which has pH levels below 5.6, the average acidity of rain. The pH scale is used to measure the level of acidity by measuring the hydrogen ion concentration, were pH 1 is the strongest acid and pH 14 is the strongest base. Acids and bases of the same amount and strength can neutralise each other. Acid rain is caused by the release of oxides of sulphur (SO2) and nitrogen (NOx) which when combined with the moisture in the air, may fall as rain with acidity of sulphuric or nitric acids. In Europe, the main cause of the acid rain is caused by the release of sulphur oxides. These are released when burning fossil fuels. Cars, power-plants, industries and burning coal and oil are the main contributories to the release of sulphur oxides. Nitrogen oxide is a result of any combustion or burning processes. The main source of emissions of nitrogen oxides are vehicles, residential and commercial furnaces and engines. Some acid rain is caused naturally by volcanoes, forest fires and rotting vegetation. An aspect of acid rain that has made it an issue of great political controversy is that it can be transported by prevailing winds. Neighbouring or close-by countries may be polluting, but the precipitation may only occur in near countries. The sulphur and nitrogen oxides can also be moved and deposited without forming acid rain. This occurs when it doesn't combine with moisture in the air to make acids, so it is deposited often in the ground or in leaves. This is also potentially harmful we may breathe this in, and the moisture in our throats or lungs may turn them into acids.The problem of acid rain has been greatly ignored until quite recently, even though it was detected in the industrial revolution. Only 1990 was it declared the worst environmental hazard Europe, about 100 years after it started affecting our environment. The problem is affecting Northern Europe, Northern USA and Canada. Among the countries which most care about their environment is Sweden. However, acid rain is being deposited in their country from several areas.Acid rain can alter the eco-system. The acid corrodes buildings, kills and weakens trees and damages crops. When it falls close to water sources, it may release aluminium or cadmium ions from the soil or eroded rocks. This causes all fish eggs to die out, and it will cause the fishes' gills to clog up with mucus, suffocating most the fish and making life in the waters extinct. Acid precipitation also kills amphibians and insects, completely altering the food chain and the eco-system and therefore killing off many other animals as well. Since acid rain can move and be deposited in different countries, the international relations between the countries that are polluting and suffering from acid rain will become tense. Acid rain is also managing to affect humans' health. Dry deposition and contamination of drinking water sources can cause respiratory problems, stomach upsets...

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Acid Rain and its effects on society

2086 words - 8 pages When we hear someone mentioning the word ‘Acid Rain’, we can find out from the word itself what the person is talking about. The word itself tells us that acid rain is nothing but rain which is acidic in nature. To understand the effects of acid rain and how it is caused, we must first understand the difference between a normal liquid and an acid.acid we know that when a positive ion combines with a negative ion, it forms an ionic

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1347 words - 6 pages we are the ones to blame. These acidity levels impact the younger fish as well as the eggs and can cause vast decline in the amount of Striped Bass reproduced in the Spring spawning time.(Source 4) There are many ways that we, as humans, can help fix the problem of acid rain as well as its effects on the environment. One way is to learn how to conserve energy and not only how to use less, but also how to use it smarter. By doing the simple

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717 words - 3 pages protecting plants. Acid rain actually can kill us, for example, London’s “black fog” killed thousands. This truly shows that acid rain must be stopped. In the researcher’s experiment, he will try to show the affects of acid rain on building material, rocks, and the environment. He will also discuss how it affects the economy. And now the reader will know why acid rain causes such a great commotion world wide. I hope this report shows you that we should try to prevent acid rain.

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1570 words - 6 pages Acid rain is a problem that has plagued earth for years. It is poisoning our waters, animals, plants, soil, and more. It is a problem that can not be ignored or it might have catastrophic results on our environment. Acid rain is caused by air pollution, which is due to man-made actions.      Scientists have discovered that air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is the major cause of acid rain. Power plants and

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1083 words - 4 pages what the effects it has, if we conserve our energy, minimize the kilometres we travel or carpool with other to have less cars on the road we can slowly but surely reduce the amount of acid rain that is harming our environment. The same can also be said for most environmental problems around the world. POSITIVE & NEGATIVE VIEWS: Of course acid rain is widely known as a big problem and therefore there will be more negative aspects to the argument

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1962 words - 8 pages are the United States, Germany, Italy, Britain, Greece, Netherlands, Scotland, Scandinavia and Canada. REMEDY FOR ACID RAIN What you sow is what you reap. Yes. It is the action of man himself that has ended up in giving trouble to him in the form of acid rain. Man polluted the environment and the environment in turn has given him the acid rain. There is no point in worrying about the past. But the future can be made great by taking some actions

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1335 words - 5 pages because we are subjected to precipitation all the time. I was interested to see just how dangerous acid rain is. If it really is dangerous, I was also interested to see what thing's people can do to help stop its effects. If we cannot stop the effects, I would atleast like to know something’s I can do to lessen the effects on our environment. What is acid rain? Acid rain is the name commonly given to the deposition of a cocktail of acidifying

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944 words - 4 pages also leads to the deterioration of buildings and statues by reacting with several minerals. Acid rain is formed when oxides of nitrogen and sulfite combine with moisture in the atmosphere to make nitric and sulfuric acids. These acids can be carried away far from its origin. The two primary sources of acid rain are sulfur dioxide (SO2), and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas released as a by-product of combusted fossil

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1091 words - 4 pages . There is no quick remedy that will wipe out acid rain completely. (Pringle 1-2) Coal was the main fuel of many industries in the early nineteenth century. Coal contains sulfur and when burning it, it will produce sulfur dioxide. When in the atmosphere, sulfur dioxide may be converted to sulfuric acid (Pringle 8). Acid rain is dispensed across the world by air currents. When attempting to fix local air pollution problems, the solutions

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559 words - 2 pages structures, leach important minerals, decreased fertility of soils, and lower pH in lakes and ponds. For those who fear "the end of the world," acid rain may pose a threat as it creates a bad environment for both animal and human. And for those who care about our planet, maybe it is about time we stop destroying it and give something back to Mother Earth.There are numerous causes of acid precipitation, several of these are insignificant and accumulate

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2074 words - 8 pages The world we live in today has become a nest for pollution, toxic waste and environmental deterioration. In order to improve our planet, acid rain is a main factor to be considered and must be controlled before the damage worsens. In order to understand what acid rain is, we must first understand the term “acidity”. Acidic is a way to describe chemical compounds and it is measured on the pH scale, a logarithmic measure of the concentration of

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1985 words - 8 pages harm as the fossil fuels currently in use.BibliographyFuller, N.A. "Pupil Researcher Initiative", Air Pollution: Acid Rain, 2002. (12 Aug. 2003)Loadstone. "CheatHouse", Should We Fix Acid Rain? What is acid rain and its causes? Should we fix it? By who and how should it be fixed? December 06, 2002. (5 Aug. 2003)Loadstone. "CheatHouse", Acid Rain. December 01, 1996. (5 Aug. 2003)Casiday, R., Frey. R. "Acid Rain", Inorganic Reactions Experiment 1998. (5 Aug. 2003)Phamornsuwana, S. "Causes, Effects and Solutions of Acid Rain" 1999. (12 Aug. 2003)McCormick, J. "Acid Rain--A Contemporary World Problem", How Acid Rain Affects The Environment, 2000. (7 Aug. 2003)

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742 words - 3 pages different kinds of crops. So at the moment it is a bit hard to tell exactly what effect acid rain has on farm crops.Due to the large amount of trees/forests dying around the world we could increase reforestation. Another thing we could do is to cut down on the amount of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide we put into the air by creating less industries and automobile emissions. We could also do this by adding scrubbers to factories' smokestacks to capture dangerous sulfuric gases from the smoke before they reach the air. This could also be used on cars' exhausts to capture nitric gases.All information was contained from Macmillian Year 12 Chemistry text book

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3296 words - 13 pages respiratory problems such as dry coughs, asthma, headaches, and eye, nose, and throat irritation. Polluted rainfall is especially harmful to those who already suffer from asthma or those who have hard time breathing. But even healthy people can have their lungs damaged by acid air pollutants. Acid rain can aggravate a person's ability to breathe and could even lead to death.How can it be reduced?Acid rain is a big problem, but it is not unstoppable. If