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Should We Go Green Or Black?

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Should we go green or black? It is high times that we have to decide upon to which color we cling on to –green or black. Before that, we have to decide on about ourselves and our future generations. Are we expecting to see our sons and daughters to prosper or perish? I hope no parents will like to see their children perish, but to see them having more comfortable life than they had. So, we have to be green, not only for us, but also for our future generations and thus to save our mother planet. In this era of technology green energy forms one of the corner stone which helps us to rescue our planet from being destroyed.
Green energy refers to the non-perishable energy obtained from sources ...view middle of the document...

So, limiting the expenditure forms one of the keystones of saving the expenditure.
Let us consider how Mississauga can take-up the lead role towards saving energy. Of course, already Mississauga has taken some steps towards conserving energy and going green. She has taken big projects like Hershey centre solar panel project, Huron Park centre solar water heater project, installation of LEAD lights at Cawthra community centre and Live cuisine restaurant at Living Arts centre. This is a good step towards going green. But, still she has got a lot to do.
Because of the geographical location, all of Canada has got limitations to utilize the natural resources of non-perishable energy and Mississauga is not an exception. But, still she can utilize the maximum out of her natural resources. Solar energy and water are two of the limiting natural sources of energy in Canada. Solar energy should be utilized to its fullest extent whenever it is available .It could be a good idea if strict legislations are made while making buildings. It should be enacted by law to install solar panels on their roof tops at least for the new buildings. Water from the melting snow may be collected and stored and may be utilized for using in hydro electric projects.
The abundance of wind in Mississauga should be made use of to revolve the wind turbines. Because of the plenty of the open spaces in Mississauga, there are ample chances to make use of the wind power. The waste and the bio mass of Mississauga is one of her treasures because of her population. This is one...

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