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Should We Go To War With Britain?

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Those British are at it again. I don't think they get that we are going to attack them sometime when they least expect it. Well at least I think we should. I think we should go to war with the British because we could win freedom, stop having our rights violated, and we could get rid of all of those stupid taxes.
We have a good chance at winning the war and if we do, we could get the freedom that we want and need. When the British first came over to the colonies, they were always in everybody's business. I always felt like I couldn't speak my own mind because everywhere I looked, there was another Lobster-back. That wasn't the only thing they did when they were here. They also gave themselves the authority to come into our houses and search for smuggled goods from Britain. Those of us who weren't trying to hide our smuggled goods because we didn't have any, just had to let them into our homes to rummage through our stuff looking for nothing. One of our laws is innocent until proven guilty. By doing this the are basically breaking one of their laws and saying we are guilty until they look through our houses and prove us innocent. When they do things like that to us. I don't think it's very fair. Just like those acts. I don't agree with what the are doing and don't think they should be able to do that to us.
The Coercive Acts, most colonists thought, were the worst of the acts. This is probably why they named them the Intolerable Acts. I don't think they should have reacted the way they did when we had our little Boston Tea Party. They closed the Boston Harbor! That's the only way that some people of Boston can trade to make money or important things for their family. I think they might know we are planning what to do if they attack or what we are going to do if we attack. I think this because the Coercive Acts include a part that said no...

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