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Should We Have A National Id?

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The thought of a national ID may come off as appalling to some, but this tiny microchip, inserted into the shoulder, just may change our future for the best. With our rapidly growing nation, and our advancing technology, the national ID will become popular and could even replace the picture ID, and possibly credit cards and other records.

A national ID could be used for many purposes. Your ID could be checked by a scanner at places like airports, bars, and other places that require IDs to speed up checkpoints and keep you on your way without the hassle of searching for a regular photo ID. It would hold your ...view middle of the document...

Also, just like they have businesses to monitor your credit with a credit card, they can also monitor your ID. Also, it should be required before any kind of purchase is made that the person must have their fingerprint scanned or sign their name to insure it is not a fraud.

Many people may look at the thought of a national ID and claim it could not possibly work because of all the information some one could obtain from a national ID if it were to be stolen or lost. However, a national ID could have a feature that denies access to all vital information without a fingerprint or signature. This could eliminate the threat of identity theft and easier to manage than having to shred credit cards and documents with important information on them.

The national ID would include a picture, fingerprint, criminal and health records, and signature as a minimum. However, you should be able to chose what other options go on you national ID when you turn 18. Other features for your national ID could include credit, organization memberships like AAA, and other personal information that would make life simpler and less time-consuming. National IDs are the future and whether we like it or not, it can change the United States for the best. Eventually, the idea of National ID will become more widely accepted and will relieve the stress of carrying around different IDs and cards for everyday life.

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