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Selman 6
Professor Black
English 1101
10 September 2017
Dear Robert Oppenheimer,
“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”, Robert you recited this line from Hindu Scripture, The Bhagavad Gita after the seeing the affects the Manhattan Project was going to do (Fetter-Vorm 77). The Manhattan Project was named after Columbia University in Manhattan, New York, one of the primary locations of the atomic studies. While the studies occurred at a few mystery locations over the U.S., including the primary nuclear tests, occurred close Los Alamos, New Mexico. During the project, the U.S. military collaborated with the best minds of scientist research. The military operations were going by General Leslie R. Forests and J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director in charge, supervising the project into reality. The choice to drop the atomic bomb is one of the worst decisions in the United States history. It’s been said that the bombs would be the only reason for the Japanese to clearly surrender, even though there’s evidence that the Japanese would have to surrender. There were many different approaches to stop the war and awful things that occurred in Hiroshima and Nagasaki due to the two bombs. We could have discarded the bombs that would have been better than the negative effects it put on the two countries. The Manhattan Project is responsible for the creation of the atomic bomb; leading to women, children, men, brothers and sisters’ families gone in a second from the two atomic bombs we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; I feel all my life’s work at this project wasn’t about protecting United States but it was about showing other countries that we are on top; and for that I am resigning from this project.
The Manhattan Project was a program in 1945 researching and developing the first atomic bomb. It was set up in Manhattan, New York by the Manhattan Engineer District of the U.S. Armed force Corps of Engineers. The greater part of the examination occurred under executive General Leslie Groves at the Los Alamos research center in New Mexico. The task was to create weapons that were constructed exclusively upon the standards of atomic parting, which is chain responses freeing gigantic measures of dangerous warmth unstable energy of uranium 235 and plutonium 239. Researcher attempted to figure out how to tackle the energy of parting. Often compare our work with an arrangement of lots of dominoes, trying to test what would happen is the many different chain reactions (Fetter-Vorm 50-51). In an abandon in New Mexico the world's first atomic test, codenamed Trinity, was directed and introduced the Atomic Age. The Trinity test achievement prompted the making of two more nuclear bombs that would be utilized as a part of WWII. On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb was utilized as a part of war. The bomb discharged was called "Little Boy’s" detonated in Hiroshima, Japan. "Little Boy" blast was disastrous and brought about 66 thousand immediate...

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