Should We Have School Uniforms? Essay

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We should wear uniform, because the students will look more appropriate. I think some teachers think we should because some students think we shouldn’t wear uniforms. In the State of ms requires us to wear uniform now, but some schools does not wear uniforms they wear casual clothing and know that the students are willing to debate against it because they don’t think it’s not fair Because some of the schools wearing uniforms and not regular clothes. At this one particular High School they wear casual clothes Somehow I brought the subject to the students attention that they can debate against their peers answers as to why they should wear uniform .But I asked myself that they should ...view middle of the document...

The first week went by and everyone did well even me and the teachers was surprised because they didn’t have to get on anyone for wearing the wrong clothes. Nor the females were wearing the wrong clothing and the males were not sagging. The second week came the students still were wearing good clothing material the males had their pants pulled up to their waist line with a belt. The females did not show any cleavage they were dressing appropriates for school the staff and other people that was visiting the school was impressed. By the third week the staffs was kind of disappointed that the females let the male beat them in following the dress code and they was giving them something that they wanted, but they don’t know why the females messed that up for them. I was really shocked and confused because the females wanted no uniform more than the boys did and some say they did it because they was trying to express their own clothing .The next meeting they will know rather they will be able to wear casual or to wear uniform or not, but the students really wanted to be without uniform...

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