Should We Legalized Gambling? Essay

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For most people, gambling does not start as a problem but a good thing. It is fun and a form of harmless entertainment. However, gambling can negatively affect every aspect of people's lives especially when they become pathological (compulsive) gamblers. Compulsive gambling's consequences can be as tragic as those of alcohol and drug abuse. Pathological gambling can destroy morality, cause good people to enter crime to pay off gambling debts. It can also make people become poorer and poorer, corrupt political system at all levels, increase suicide rates. With all of the bad outweighing the good, gambling should not be legalized.First of all, gambling addiction creates a lot of harmful ...view middle of the document...

A survey at Atlantic City high school disclosed that there was 64% of teenagers gambled in local casinos and 40% of them had gambled before 14 years old (Horn, 1998).Apart from what pathological gamblers can bring to their families, they have to deal with another problem - financial problems. The majority of compulsive gamblers lose more than they can win and they continue to chase the lost money in a bitter, mad mood. The consequence is that they lose more and more money on gambling, run up credit cards. In order to support their expenditure on wagering habits, compulsive gamblers may seek alternative sources of income. At first, they borrow money from family, friends and colleagues often without paying back. A number of gamblers put up for sale or pawn their properties. Subsequently they may borrow money at high interest rates and by doing so, the pathological gamblers get deeper and deeper in debts. Furthermore, they constantly have to suffer from pressure, anxiety and other health troubles due to not eating and sleeping properly and those troubles would cost them a large amount of money for treatment. In addition, the decrease in productivity and absence from work of problem gamblers may possibly lead to job loss. In the end, the pathological gamblers would lose all their money, and their debt can be ranging from $35 000 to $92 000 (Horn, 1998). Thousands of them become bankruptcy and many who cannot be helped commit suicide. Gambling in fancy gives relaxation just like other kinds of recreation, but in term of cost, it is really "an expensive pleasure" (Thompson, 1994).Last but not least, legalization of gambling may produce the increase in crime and corruption. When pathological gamblers get huge debts, they often resort to crime to pay off gambling debts and to support their gambling habits also. Compulsive gamblers have been known to have no limits in obtaining money. They may get involved in murder, theft, conning, prostitution or even putting their wives into prostitution. According to Richard M. Aborn in Constantine & Aborn Advisory Services, 2005, crime rates such as bank robberies, alcohol related crime, prostitution and drug arrest all dramatically grow. White-collar-crime, which referred to crime by persons of high social status, is another way to obtain money of gamblers. It may consist of embezzlement, check kitting, tax evasion or credit card fraud. This kind of crime has been greater than before since gambling was introduced...

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