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Should We Use Stem Cells In Order To Cure Other Diseases?

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There have been many types of medical advances, but one in particular that has been said that it can help on the treatment of different type of diseases. Stem cells are multicellular organisms that can develop many more of their kind and then give birth to new kind of cells. This types of cells come from the umbilical cord of a new born. This became a huge dilemma where there’s a competing with moral and ethical values. The rumor is a never ending debate. This dilemma is not just in the U.S.A, but all around the world since this stem cell are so effective even though there’s some places where stem cells is ether no restriction or restricted .
Around the nineteen hundred’s scientist there were some research about cell and there capability to reproduce. The first scientists that had a theory about cells was a German scientist called Theodor he had this theory that cell are basic structures of an animal but that was just a theory. In 1956 scientist E. Donnall Thomas was the first one to perform a bone marrow transplant and was able to cure a patient from leukemia. This was not a real problem back then when the problem started was when scientist discovers in 1978 that the blood of the umbilical cord of a new baby had hematopoietic stem cells. And the dilemma started because in order to save or cure someone’s disease scientists have to destroying the embryo’s stem cells where at the end the embryo is destroyed if not needed any more.
Why is this debate?? Scientist are creating and cloning embryos and this for some people is not ethical. They are keeping the embryos frozen, so when they need them there ready for use. The problem here is that in order to keep these embryos in good conditions for the experiment they have to keep them frozen and this is too expensive. There for it is easier to discard the embryos and make a new ones. This action looks horrifying for many people, because it is shocking to even imagine this situation. This is why there’s this debate, where some people believe that it is not fair to clone an embryo and just use it for his stem cells and when this is done the embryo gets discarded. Scientists are literary killing and curing at a same time. So we get to choose one side. They have been a lot of opinions around, because of experimentation with human embryos. Why would they killed something that is already alive and to become something?? And why?? Because this is curing many diseases and by researching about this human stem cell scientist hade discover how amazing this stem cell are. These cells have an enormous capability to recreate many types of cell. Professor John Kessler said "What's great about stem cells is that they are basically immortal and can help regenerate organ...

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