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Should We Use Capital Punishment? Essay

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Should We Use Capital Punishment?

Capital punishment is an extremely controversial issue on which some
people have strong views. Capital Punishment is when a criminal is
punished for committing crimes, such as murder, by being put to death.

One reason for many people being against Capital Punishment is that
inhumane methods are used to kill criminals. In the past, methods
such as stoning, gassing, hanging, electrocuting and shooting have all
been used to kill. Although I agree that these methods are inhumane I
am still for Capital Punishment because I believe two things.
Firstly, these criminals who are being put to death have committed
evil crimes, such as murder or rape. When they committed these crimes
they probably did not treat their victims humanely, by killing them or
hurting them in a nice way so why should they be given a pain-free
death? Should it not be the evil people of our planet who are the
ones left to suffer in pain? If these murders are given pain-free
deaths it seems to me that it is the innocent who are suffering and
the criminals who are being protected. I believe that a simple lethal
injection could be given to the criminal to allow them to die
humanely. In 2002, of the 71 executions carried out, 70 of them used
the lethal injection with only one being carried out using
electrocution. All through their lives people are given injections
for various reasons and therefore the lethal injection, administered
by a professional, is a perfectly familiar and humane method that
could be used. An argument that people against Capital Punishment use
it that medical staff, such as doctors and nurses, are not allowed to
participate in the killing and therefore the criminal could end up
dying in absolute agony. My suggestion is that if we were to use
Capital Punishment we should allow medical professionals to be in
attendance to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Many people are against Capital Punishment because innocent people are
killed when mistakes are made. Since 1973 eighty-eight people have
been released from Death Row as it was proven that they were
innocent. Those against the death penalty argue that if an innocent
person is killed, they cannot be brought back but if they are placed
in jail to serve a life sentence and it is proven they are innocent
they can be set free. This is a valid point but I think the death
penalty may be a practical solution because it costs a lot of money to
keep people in jail for life. Also, although it is said that the
criminal is to be placed in jail for life for committing a crime like
rape, it is often the case that they are let out early for good
behaviour. Do we really believe that somebody can change from being a
murderer to being a person whom we can accept back into our society?
Of course, the idea of...

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