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Should Women Be Able To Join The Front Line?

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Should Women Be Able to Join the Front Line?
The US constitution states that every man is equal regardless of their race and gender. The ban from 1994 -that prevented women from joining the front line-was lifted on January 24th, 2013 (Harris 1). The recommendation came from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and unanimously won (Roulo 1). Even though 14 percent of the military`s 1.4 million are women, they are still asking to fight on the front line (Harris 1). Women should fight in combat situations because they have changed people`s mind about war and everyone is given an equal chance; however many women cannot meet requirements set by men.
Women have changed people`s ideas on war for the past two ...view middle of the document...

On that note, the American public feels it is discrimination if only a few women make it into the combat ranks. Dempsey reported that the military still has ongoing issues with sexual harassment (Harris 2). Dempsey also reported that he believes it is because they separate class of military personnel at some level with different job opportunities like women can only be three star generals, which does not show equality (Harris 2). The house armed services committee held a public hearing on sexual assault in the military, promoted by an outrage over a sex-with-recruits scandal at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas (Harris 2). When 60 current and former personnel came forward with credible reports, people realized it was not only women that were being sexually assaulted but also men (Harris 2). Women are separated from the men in many ways, but they still try their best to make themselves equal with the men.
Captain Monica Paden drew attention to the fact that women will have a tough time with the physical portion because women cannot do the same as men (Carberry 1). A female marine officer caused a stir when she said that we are not all created equal, and attempting to place females in the infantry will not improve the Marine Corps (Thompson 2). Many women feel that they are not being treated equal because they cannot meet requirements. Specialist Charles Lencioni observed that only a small percent of women can meet the physical standards for infantry positions, and lowering the standards would be harmful to the military (Carberry 2). Although women cannot meet standards -14...

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