Should Women Continue Fighting Against Gender Inequality

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Gender inequality is an issue that has been publicly echoing through the society for centuries. The inequality in employment still remains one of the most pressing problems. For decades women were considered to have only one mission: stay home and take care of their children. The major reason of such injustice lies on the conviction that men are superior to women. In addition, a common belief was that men tend to be more confident because of their innate mental powers or biological advantages. Only one hundred years ago women didn't even have a right to vote nor did they have a right to property. Today we live in a society where men and women are considered to be more equal than they have ...view middle of the document...

Many authors have looked at this issue from feminist point of view, and one example is widely known book "The Second Sex" by Simone De Beauvoir. In this book De Beauvoir claims that even though it is commonly accepted for humans to understand themselves in opposition to others, the theory doesn't seem to work when it come to gender. De Beauvoir is firm when talking about the ridiculousness of comparing the “character” of men and women without bearing in mind the huge differences in their conditions. "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman", - claims De Beauvoir(p. 267). By this claim De Beauvoir emphasizes the fact that femininity occurs neither from biological differences, nor psychology, or intellect. On the contrary, femininity is a creation of society, a reflection of their situation rather than “indispensable” differences in men and women. Character is established by the situation. This example can be linked to the previous one in the following way: even though Fawzia Koofi was raised in a country which was dominated by men, she was raised to be confident. Therefore, the somehow supporting surrounding in which she grew up helped her to accomplish whatever other women couldn't.
As soon as women started to fight for their rights, more and more opponents appeared, arguing that women should not be equal to men. One of such opponents was a Harvard University professor Edward H. Clarke. In his ''Sex in Education'' Clarke stated that "The fact that women have often...

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