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Should Women, As Well As Men, Have To Register For The Selective Service At The Age 18?

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In the past years, women were not allowed to register for the selective service at age 18. This was because the law said that only men, 18 and above, could register for selective service. This law states that once a young male turn 18 he should register for selective service within the 30 days of turning 18 and before he reaches age 26. This would allow them to receive finical aid, grants, etc. from the government, otherwise you would receive no help. Women have fought, politically, in this country to receive equal rights and they should have a right to decide if they would want to register for selective service or not. On the contrary, I believe that women should be allowed to register for selective service, just for the cause that I believe in equal rights.Women officers and women who are enlisted serve in the military with distinction. Women who are in the military are women who volunteered. During World War 2 the United States were going to draft women. This was because there was a lot of women who were volunteering for nursing and had no more spots for a nursing position ("Women and the draft in America"). If we let women register for selective service it would improve the country's civil-defense preparedness (Solomon, "Don't draft anyone now"). We all know that there are always death in a war. There parents are going to be sad and would have thoughts that women being in the military is harder than a male. They wouldn't want there baby girl to go off in the war..There are women that are capable in combat, who wish to do this in their own will and under the exact same expectations of an average man. Women are not encourage to register for selective service because they might distract male soldiers and would get raped as prisoners of war. Women who choose to register for selective service could make this country's military bigger. Women should be included in a non-combat role. Most men and most women have similar concepts about the military, either it's good or bad. "Although women...

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