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Should Women Serve In Combat? Essay

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Across the history, women Suffer from luck of their right. Culture and civilization was not respect women and put them in the lower layer in their social pyramid. Some civilization was Kill them were they alive, while other give them a life with a lot of misery and obstacle, which is the same thing or killing them better than these life . At the few previous centuries, the world growth and become more opening. people understanding that they are needing women in a lot of job outside their home as men. Sadly, when we came to combat sector, we stop thinking logically. It is men major one hundred percent . If we look to the book (1001 things everyone should know about women's history) which written by Constance Jones (2000) we can find that only 88013 women among history had the ability to take part in military by give a variety of services. Some country actually these day try to make it happen. For instance the first country was allowed women in military was Norway around 1985. Then, it followed by thirteen other countries. It still small percentage compared with the world. It is the right of women to join army and take part in combat, because they are capable as men in adapting with situation. Also, they have equally amount in cerebration and they have the right to decide their own destiny.

Women can be in combat and adapt with the situation. They are already have been in a lot of majors. We have teachers, doctors, engineers, chemicals, nurses, mechanical, and many other jobs. As we need a women in other job, we need them also in combat. Works allowed women to become independent materially, without dependence on men in everything. Sojourner Truth (1851) said " I could work as much and eat as much as men - when I could get it - and bear the lash as well". Despite that this woman gave birth to thirteen children and sell most of them as slaves, and it has asked for help from everyone that she known, and nobody heard her, accept the god. Combat needs women who are like Sojourner. It is away to let women become part of society and try saving their society. Save our self, our family and, our homeland is responsibility for all people how live in it. In my opinion, men works with their mind, and women work with mind and feelings , so I expect the two thing together may serve the military in a positive way...

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