Should Women Under 50 Get Routine Mammograms?

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As a sixteen year breast cancer survivor, who found my lump early through mammography, I had a higher rate of survival due to the early detection (my cancer was still in stage one), than my counterparts who found theirs at a later stage of cancer growth. Despite arguments to the contrary, women under 50 should have routine mammograms. Early detection, through screening, is critical to survival, especially for an individual who is at higher risk due to a close relative (usually a mother or sister) of developing breast cancer.
Early detection using mammography is a necessary evil that has assisted in the early detection of tumorous cancers in women. If I had not had the pre-screening, I ...view middle of the document...

If my cancer had not been found early, my survival rate would have decreased exponentially.
Citing false positives and unnecessary treatments is only one of the debates in the “brawl” over mammograms for women under 50. “Mammograms best way to detect cancer early". published a report stating that “The potential harms from false positives and unnecessary subsequent cancer treatment outweigh the possible benefit – a slight reduction in the number of deaths from the disease” "Mammograms best way to detect cancer early: experts." I can concede the potential mental anguish to a person who has to wait on test results only to find it was a false positive or simply nothing at all. I have been there! Every time the doctors find something “questionable” they would tell me “because of your history” and another round of tests, worry, and anguish begins. The last scare I had concerned the results of an annual oncology tests. For five long horrible days, I could hardly function. I could barely even talk to my husband about it. Believe me, I get it!
Various articles have been written to the contrary, stating that mammograms are continually reviewed, and that the latest scientific thought of the day “points to mammograms as the most effective way to detect breast cancer early” "Mammograms best way to detect cancer early: experts." Another report stated that the Canadian studies were done two decades ago using equipment and quality control procedures...

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