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Should you commute?
College is a time for change and experiences whether it be moving away from family or having more freedom to make your own decisions without having some to constantly look over your shoulders and question your moves. One of the decisions, which could be one of the toughest, that freshmen students have to make is whether to commute or live on campus. Granted, it is understandable that first year students who come from out of state have no choice but to live on campus. The tough decision has to be made by students who live in close proximity to the University, such as myself. In order to decide which option would be best for a specific student the major differences between commuting and living on campus have to be taken under consideration.
One of the best things that college provides for students is the ability to live on campus. As a freshman student, living on campus gives you an opportunity to get to know more of the student body than living at home would. You can become better friends with people that you see on a daily basis and the connections made would not be diminished due to the fact that you have to return home every night. Another reason would be that you can build better relationships with the faculty if you living on campus and you can have more time to interact with professors .Also, living on campus can help student gain more independence from their family. Instead of having your mother looking over your shoulder and analyzing every decision that you make you can make decision based on your own opinions and feelings and even if you make mistakes. But living on campus also has its drawbacks. A student here at Baldwin Wallace University states that “sometimes I really don’t like living on campus because I am always distracted”. Distractions can be a major problem especially with first year students. They are not able to focus and get work done because their mind is constantly moving and switching from one distraction such as homework to another like running around and having a nerf gun fight with other students in their hall in a span of a couple of minutes. Another reason why students choose to not live on campus is the fact that they do not have their own personal space. They have to share a room with a complete stranger. They don’t know what the roommate’s personality is like. They could have such completely different ways of thinking that arguments can arise. Also, another disadvantage of not living at home would be that dorms are very noisy. Student who are not used to noise in their own house could have a hard time getting used to living the campus life because they cannot focus on their homework or study for tests due to the immense amount of noise and distraction that the dorms provide. In order for a student to make an informed decisions the aspect of living at home has to be...

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