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Our dreams and ambitions should always guide us in life"Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live."Dreams and ambitions are what makes the human race so extraordinary, without those people would become drones who are stuck doing the same boring things for their entire life, miserable and unsatisfied, even the most intelligent person, if he or she doesn't have any ambitions, wouldn't be able to use that intelligence effectively, however if the tables were turned, a unintelligent person with great ambitions would succeed much more than the person without they will become happy and satisfied , because they have the will to follow their dreams and be what they want to be, even if they ...view middle of the document...

You'll learn to follow up. You'll learn to be answerable for you decisions. Just like happiness can be achieved by being with the person you love, fulfilment can only be derived from your passion. Fulfilment is not only limited to money, you know. The feeling of contentment and the bliss that you're doing something to change the world in your own way - these can be fulfilment as well. Moreover Life without dreams is depressing. Search far and wide for yours, and make a promise to yourself that you will start pursuing them. Once you get on the path towards your goal, you will notice a distinct change in how you feel. Subsequently the more cliché reason to follow your dreams is that 'you only live once' and as cliché as it is, it's true.On the contrary you're just going to disappoint yourself. You're not going to be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg immediately after you graduate. You're going to be a Dreamer-nothing more and nothing less. You're going to have to wake up before the sun rises and go to bed well after the moon comes up. You won't be able to maintain a traditional 9 to 5 because you'll always be daydreaming about the career you wish you had. Instead, you'll probably be on a 7am to "whenever this gets done" schedule. As a result, you'll frequently sacrifice your health...

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