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Should You Invest In Enterprise Project Management?

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When searching the Internet for the terms project management, project management careers, project portfolio management, and IT project management many hits come up. Utilizing the Google search engine, there were 818,000,000 results for project management, 327,000,000 results for project management careers, 77,800,000 results for project portfolio management, and 949,000,000 results for IT project management.
This paper will examine three websites that I found to provide interesting information on one of the following topics: project management, project management careers, project portfolio management, and IT project management; as well as the Project Management Institute’s Web site. The four websites that will be examined are: CIO – Project Management Definition and Solutions, Project Management Certification, and Wisconsin School of Business – Project Portfolio Management.
Based on the findings from CIO – Project Management Definition and Solutions, Project Management Certification, Wisconsin School of Business – Project Portfolio Management, and Project Management Institute this paper will answer the question: how can organizations justify investing in enterprise project management for IT projects?
CIO - Project Management Definition and Solutions
Joseph Phillips’ article “Project Management Definition and Solutions” published on explains the basic principles of IT project management and why IT projects fail. All temporary ventures taken to create unique services or products, also known as projects, travel in the five phases that make up the project management lifecycle. These phases are: (1) initiating, (2) planning, (3) executing. (4) monitoring and closing, and (5) closing (Phillips, 2014).
“IT projects fail because they’re just plain harder” (Phillips, 2014). They face the usual challenges: budget constraints, deadlines, and not enough manpower. However, added to that are challenges with technology: operating system, hardware, security risks, network or database problems, interoperability issues, and the manufacturer changes. IT projects fail due to lack of planning at the beginning of the project management lifecycle. IT projects are never completed on time: they start out rushed, with required functionality: their scope is too bulky, or on budget – the three factors that reflect project success (Phillips, 2014).
Project Management Certification
A good project manager can determine the success of a project. Project managers are responsible for setting budgets, laying out requirements, meeting with supervisors, and recruiting experienced colleagues. A good project manager is a leader in the IT world, reliable, willing to make decisions, and headstrong. The project management certification website illustrates the programs and classes available to those who wish to become certified in project managements. There are associates, bachelors, masters and doctorate programs offered by different schools. The site also goes...

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