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Should Young Adult Books Be Added To Schools English Curriculum?

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How many books that you read in your high school English class did you actually enjoy? In English classes many students don’t enjoy the books they have to read and some don’t understand them. This leads to students not being engaged in class and some students not doing their assignments. These problems can be solved by adding young adult books to the curriculum. Young adults books should be added because they can relate to what they read (Are), they teach the same lessons as the classics (Bean), and students will be more willing to read them when they can understand what they are reading.
Young adult books are aimed towards students in high school, they are made to grab their attention and ...view middle of the document...

... I tried my best to make it relevant to the kids, but 15-year-olds trying to figure out why a woman is brave for leaving her husband — it was like a total disaster. Again, I don't think it's a bad play, necessarily; it's just such a tough sell.”” ““I actually got a little frustrated teaching English,” said one 36-year-old English teacher outside Boston who just made the change to teaching math after 11 years (and who asked for his name not to be used for professional reasons). “It was hard to do lessons where kids weren't reading and every lesson depended on whether or not they read the books. If you assigned chapters of reading and they didn't read, what the hell are you going to do in class?”” (Are)
Some young adult books teach the same lessons that students are supposed to learn from the classics. Using young adult books to teach these lessons is better because since they are written in present day, they use current language that is easier for all students to understand. “Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet can be paired with Marie Lee’s (1992) young-adult novel Finding My Voice. In one scene, Ellen Sung, the Korean-American main character in Lee’s novel, attempts to introduce her boyfriends, a European-American high school football player, to her very strict father. Her dad rejects her boyfriend and gives both teens a lecture about dating and being home early. This novel, and others, introduce cross-family issues raised in...

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