Shouted And Ran Essay

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"You know? Why do you have to live so far away?"

"Dunno. And plus, I don't live that far away. Just a few houses away."

"That's a stupid answer. "

"Don't think you're cool just because you used the word 'stupid'."

"I don't want to be cool. I want to be awesome."


"You're a idiot."

"Hey! Who got a 90 on the spelling test?"

"Shut up."

Yoonji paused, blinking as she took in the sight just meters in front of her. Her breath hitched, as the broken pieces of chocolate fell from her hand. The candy-smudged hand clenched the area above her heart - which was pounding weirdly - before releasing a heavy sigh, trying to ease the eratic beat.

Spinning around just as Sehun released the girl, ...view middle of the document...

"No, I don't want you. Or you."

True to Xiumin's words, Tao gave a cry of shock, leaning onto Chen. "Chen! Hold me! Did I hear correctly?"

Chen sighed heavily, and pat Tao's back. "I think it's time to face reality." Turning to Yoonji whom was feet away, this time walking properly, he lowered his voice, but still loud enough for the girl to hear. "All she wants is Luhan-hyung."

And as the two boys predicted, Yoonji immediately turned back, face red, spluttering words that only a love-struck girl could utter.

"Are you two bullying Yoonji again?" Lay left the older group behind, opting to spend time with the 'young'.

"Yixing-ge!" Suddenly turning into a bubbly mess, Yoonji ran to the older boy's side. "They're bullying me, again!"

Before both Tao and Chen could defend themselves, Kris pushed Lay aside, stepping between the freshmen. "Alright. I need votes on where to go next. Luhan wants to visit the bubble tea shop but I think-"

"I vote for bubble tea!" Yoonji cried out, slapping a hand onto Kris' mouth. "No disagreements? No, yes, no? Then let's go!" Skipping back to her crush, Yoonji stepped between Xiumin and Luhan.

Xiumin chuckled, ruffling her hair. "Why so eager?"

"What's not exciting about Stra Bubble Tea?" Yoonji crossed her arms. "And plus, I heard that the chocolate flavor was just recently added!"

"Really?" Luhan questioned, eyes widening slightly. "Finally!" However, his excitement dimmed slightly. "But..I was hoping to get taro again.."

As the two engaged into talk about the many flavors, EXO-M (Plus Yoonji) walked to Stra, not noticing the other six.

She tried to relax, really she did.

She should'd been really happy, sitting beside Luhan.

But she couldn't, because of the other familiar people sitting around another table. Her brown eyes burned into the back of Sehun's blond head, and it was getting hard to drink her bubble tea.

She couldn't help but noticed that he, too, also chose the chocolate flavor - not that other people didn't chose chocolate as well.

"Yoonji..." Tao waved a hand in front of her, but Yoonji remained oblvious to her friend's want to catch her attention.

Really, the fact that Oh Sehun was in the same room as her and just a table or two away, was simply amazing. (Only staring at the back of his head was not)

Chen, who was sitting on the other side of her, followed her glance and a the ever present smirk grew as he saw the object of her attention.

"Oh? Do out precious Yoonji finally got a crush?"

Of course, he's joking. Everyone know Luhan been Yoonji's crush since..forever. However, the girl's crush don't exactly have that knowledge, and his head shot up, eyes widening.

"What? Yoonji have a crush? On who?" Setting aside both his bubble tea and conversation with Xiumin, he turned to his attention to Chen.

"I don't..." Yoonji muttered, sipping her bubble tea. "The only one I'd ever like is-"

"Oh Sehun?" Chen asked, wiggling his eyebrows towards the ignorant boy. EXO-M's head immediately...

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