Show How The Ways The Author Constructed One Of The Core Texts Helped You To Understand The Main Ideas Of The Blade Runner.

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The cinematic construction of Blade Runner: The Director's Cut helps to enhance the audience's understanding of what it means to be human. The author, Ridley Scott, has created one of the most thought provoking science fiction films since 2001: A Space Odyssey. Based on Philip K Dick's novella, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the film presents a world that is both similar and disturbingly different to the audience. Blade Runner has been influential in the development of science fiction films that deals with high-tech apocalyptic futures. Scott wants the audience to understand the nature of being human, the threat of environmental degradation, the nature of social stratification, the triumph of morality, illusion and reality and the notion of paranoia. The opening credits and crawl of information as well as his use of film noir, motifs, imagery and technical devices has strengthened the audience's understanding of the main ideas of the film.The opening sequence of Blade Runner: The Director's Cut evokes feelings of darkness, bleakness and foreboding. The most powerful and suggesting feature that evokes such feelings is the music played during the opening prologue. The music, composed by Vangelis, is both futuristic and haunting. The music also gives the audience a feeling of hopelessness and despair. The opening crawl of information also gives credibility to the film making it more like a documentary than a fantasy. The relatively slow pace of the information emphasizes its importance. The opening of Blade Runner prepares the audience for they are about to see and hear.Scott's use of "film noir" subtlety enhances the audience's understanding of Blade Runner: The Director's Cut. The term refers to a film set in a gloomy urban environment. It has been characterised in classics, such as Casablanca, by night scenes, darkened rooms, alleys, rainy streets, claustrophobia, interiors, silhouettes and shadows. Such films take a "cynical world weary view of human experience." The characters are typically private detectives, gangsters and people on the edge. In Blade Runner, darkness and rain signify an ecologically degraded world while reflections and dull images suggest deception and alienation. Furthermore, the title of the film suggests that there is a fine line between human and inhuman and that sometimes it is possible to be on the edge of this line. "Film noir" helps the audience to understand the main themes of the film.The underlying theme of the film is what it means to be human. Humans can be defined in a biological sense but also by their state of mind or being. The replicants kill in order to live while their human assassin kills because he is ordered to. Who is less human? Scott argues that the defining feature of humanity is the ability to have compassion. He explores this through his emphasis on eyes, the Koigt-Kampf test and photographs. The full frame close up of an eye in the beginning of the film establishes the importance of eyes...

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