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Show Jumping Essay

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Have you ever spent time around a horse when they are full of energy, and ready to go nuts and jump? Most horses were born for show jumping; some people say it was introduced in the 1700s (World Class Horses). Show jumping is an amazing, beautiful, courageous and fun fast sport that, because of the incredible, effort and also your heart of the horses involved, just has the ability to capture an exciting audience. (World Class Horses).
In the race track, the polo games, vaulting, cross country jumping, show jumping also the types of show jumping you can do are incredible. Types of show jumping are The Vertical, The Wall, Liverpool, The over of spread, Triple Bar, Hogs Back, Combination, ...view middle of the document...

Now today more often than not, women are at the top of the sport (GEMSGC). The very first horse in the Olympics was in 680 B.C, when Chariot Racing was introduced (GEMSGC). Today’s show jumping is a lot easier than it was back then. They had a lot of more that could happen to then such as less medical care which could care for every one of the horse’s needs.
The courses in a show jumping competition are unique and designed differently. All the combinations of a horse and their rider have different advantages and also disadvantages. It is all based on what the course designer requires for them (World Class Horse). Everybody’s favorite from what I have seen is Equestrian Jumping, this is a competition focused on the skill, poise, speed, and power of riders and their racing machines (Reimagine).
Every rider and horse must go in the order or follow the order of the jumps and leaps as set by their own set designer. Riders are also given a specific time in which they must finish their course. Also once your horse is working excellent in balance and rhythm over poles ,on the flat in walk, trotting and canter then you and your horse are ready for some extreme jumping (Equestrian and Horse).
First you must learn the seven stages of jumping, the turn which lines you up with the center of the jump being straight ahead of you. Next is the approach, the approach needs to lead you and your jump horse directly to the center of the jump, this would be where your planning your jump. Yet to come is the Take Off, the point where the horse begins to gather or collect his or her hind legs underneath his or her body which starts...

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