Shower Settings: In Summer East Part Of Asia, Around 1900

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The boy discovered a girl crouching on one of the stepping stones. The boy guessed that she was the only child of Mr. Brown's son. Mr. Brown owned a section of wheat field near our village. Mr. Brown's son's family had to move here. The boy wasn't sure why because when his parents were talking about Mr. Brown he almost fell asleep though, he vaguely heard Mr. Brown's son had failed in his business in the city.The girl was staring at the water as if she was seeing her face reflected on the surface of the water. Her neck was extremely white. He wasn't brave enough to ask her to move out of the way.Even though he worried about being late for school, he couldn't tell her. About ten minutes passed. There were people who wanted to cross. He could follow them.After that day, the girl hadn't shown up at the stream for a week. As the days passed, the boy felt very grumpy.One day, the boy went out to the stream. The girl wasn't there. The boy sat on one of the stepping stones. Just as the girl had done, the boy started to stare at the surface of the water. He looked up and was astonished to see the girl walking towards him from the reed field with a bundle of reeds. He ran to the other side of the stream where the buckwheat field was. He missed his step and fell down. He was very much afraid about possibility that the girl was watching him now. He felt some kind of liquid running above his lips. It was a nose-bleed. He wiped the blood with his sleeve and started to run again, as fast as he could.Now it was Friday. The boy was on the way back home from school. He discovered the girl sitting on the stream side. He crossed the stream very carefully which was very unusual."Hey!"He ignored her. He got to other side of the stream."Hey! What is this shellfish called?"He turned his back without meaning to. His eyes met with her pretty blue eyes."Butterfly Shell""What a pretty name!"She was looking at the shell as if she'd never seen this shell before."Have you ever been to the mountains over there?", she asked, pointing to the mountains on the other side of the village."No""Do you want to go? I feel so bored here.""It's pretty far.""Who cares? When I used to live in the city I went on picnics pretty far away with my parents."He was afraid that the girl would think him a coward if he refused to go so he agreed.They walked beside wheat fields that had just been harvested. He thought 'I am supposed to go home and feed the horses.'.They got to the foot of the mountain. The girl admired the beautiful flowers that spread all over the mountain like a silk carpet.They sat side by side on a rock. The sunshine of the fall afternoon made them feel very warm. Suddenly the girl stood up quietly and walked into a very steep slope where bunches of cosmos were blooming. She tried to cut the stems of the flowers. They were very tough. She slid down.The boy was surprised and ran to her. He saw a drop of blood on her knee. He sucked the blood on her knee. He quickly ran back into...

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