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Showing Empathy In The Workplace Essay

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Londyn Pitts
English 1A, Mckimmey
The Dalai Lama defines compassion as having much empathy for others’ till we can start to share each others’ own suffering. Empathy should be presented towards all beings including our enemies; that is the most effortless and purest form of compassion. The Dalai Lama would argue that when it comes to the use of compassion in our professional life is somewhat crucial or else “our activities are in danger of becoming destructive.” (Dalai Lama, pg. 64). This meaning that we wouldn’t consider the things we do or the decisions we make and how that might affect others’. The ideal of compassion can be applied to the professional life in many ways, such as leadership, relationships, job fulfillment and performance.
The ethics of compassion in the professional life can be argued that there are negative aspects to its use, such as “compassion fatigue”. Compassion fatigue is when someone becomes overwhelmed or emotionally exhausted from helping others to such a degree that it starts to lessen their compassion for people. That person can begin to lose focus on their work, have feelings of helplessness or self-doubt. You could become so involved with others’ problems that they typically become very dependent on you. We could admit that it can start to be too much when someone is really needy of you and then you have to deal with the bitter consequences during the times you can’t come to their rescue. Usually the careers that involve trauma patients, tragic situations, or mental illnesses are much more prone to compassion fatigue.
Compassion can be an effective use when your position is the manager or head leader of an organization. Before one can be a good leader they should put behind any thoughts that focus on their own self-interests and greatly consider the interests of their followers. Having compassion for people who are following you or looking up to you would show them that you really do care about how well they perform and their achievement. This would lead not only to comfort ability but also much respect for you and connectivity between you and your subjects, or followers, thus giving the workplace a positive atmosphere. Not only that but your followers or employees will find you much more approachable when needing assistance or advice. In a 2000 Gallup poll found that two million U.S. employees confirm the value of a more compassionate approach to leaderships. It also found that the rate for a caring boss was much higher than the rate of a boss who only cared about his or her own earnings (Compassion in Leadership).
Having compassion as part of your professional life can contribute to the strong, quality relationships you can build with your co-workers and potential clients or customers. When there is a greater understanding of others’ feelings and faults it could create good relationships with all sorts of people in the workplace. Taking the...

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