Shows How Joseph Campbell's Model For A Hero's Journey Has Been Adapted To The Movie 'the Matrix'.

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"The Matrix" is a film which follows the structure of a traditional quest story. However, the composers have appropriated elements of this structure to suit a contemporary audience by considering the views and values of our present culture. In making these adjustments to elements of the traditional hero/quest story, the film is more appealing and thus more accessible to a wide and varied audience. The context of the movie is a world in which technology, computers in particular, have become highly influential and is based on the premise that power is the centre of our existence. Thus, it can be said that the voice of this film is a dominant one as the theory of reliance on technology is one which has been widely acknowledged and accepted in society in recent decades.Undoubtedly, the hero in the story is a computer programmer by the name of Neo, troubled by one specific concept - "what is The Matrix?". His mentor in discovering the answer to this question is Morpheus. Morpheus is an instiller of knowledge and "more like a father figure than a leader", to Neo. He offers Neo the knowledge into the true state of his existence and Neo soon learns it is a world (known as The Matrix) which is really just an elaborate computer program constructed by artificial intelligence (AI). AI cultivate their own humans and control their minds to use them as generators of energy for 'the real world', a wasteland devastated by war. Those living in The Matrix are completely unaware of their true purpose and false reality. In turn, Neo chooses to embark on a quest to pursue his true identity, to attain the truth and to liberate humanity from the bondage that is The Matrix. In considering this, it is evident in some aspects of the film the voice evolves from a dominant one to a dissonant voice. This is due to the idea the composer is trying to convey; that as it reaches new heights, instead of the humans controlling world technology, it will begin to control the humans and ultimately society will become powerless, forced to succumb to the domination of computers. A concept incongruous with the accepted view of the responder's culture.'The call to adventure' is what initiated the whole process of Neo's quest. The riddle, "follow the white rabbit", appears on his computer screen and is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland. Instead of a bunny which hops down a rabbit hole however, it is a tattoo on a girl's arm whom Neo follows to a nightclub. In doing this, the composers have appropriated this aspect of the traditional quest to correlate with the modern context in which body art and dance parties play a part. Additionally, as the prophecy appears on a computer screen it re-inforces that the composers have suited certain elements of the film which the audience will be able relate to as the computer is a medium which almost if not everyone is familiar with. This proceeds to convey the orthodox view about our culture: that there is a massive reliance on computers and the...

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