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Shrek Movie Review For The Healthy Growing Of A Young Mind.

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"Shrek" is an enlightening, fun film which appears to be a fairytale, but is actually a parody of traditional tales. Strong fairytale themes are present but are conveyed in a more politically correct manner. The realism in the ideas and characters is excellent for creating humour.The film is about an ugly yet lovable ogre who is on a quest to renew the title deed of his swamp. He is to slay the guarding dragon, fetch the 'beautiful' princess and bring her back to marry Lord Farqhuar as he requires a wife to become king.Parody is used in this film to twist traditional style fairytales by copying ideas and central themes then exaggerating, or subverting them so the characters politically correct. This form of imitation makes a statement to society, but is also a useful tool to create humour for multiple generations.Shrek - our hero - is not exactly your average fairytale prince. Heros in traditional fairytales are handsome and courageous and are honoured for outstanding achievements - even a mentor for younger generations. Bravery and strength are qualities that Shrek does possess, but he is far from being honoured or at all handsome. He is an repulsive ogre, not a handsome prince, that inhabits a dirty swamp, and not a beautiful rich castle. Shrek is also quite happy that the rest of the world has no interest in him, and that he does not have a wealthy King and Queen for parents. This character makes a definite point to society, that although the good guy isn't physically attractive he is still capable of being the great fairytale hero and completing presented tasks.In most fairytales, the hero is on a quest or search for something, with obstacles or challenges before him. Similar to traditional tales, Shrek must hike through forests, over hot, steamy deserts and overcome a fearsome dragon to prove his worthiness of collecting the prize princess. This idea is parodied in...

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