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Shrek: The Kindness Of The Ogre Revealed

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Shrek: The Kindness of the Ogre Revealed

Lord farquaad and Shrek use the correlation between them to distort
the traditional fairy tale. Shrek barges in just before the happily
ever after and changes the story for the better?

To explain how filmmakers use presentational devices to change the
traditional fairy tale to something more exciting and adventurous, I
am going to analyze the characters of Shrek and lord farquaad.

A traditional fairy tale that contains an ogre or something synonymous
is often portrayed as an unpleasant being. For example in Jack and the
bean stalk the giant is hunting down the being for which he can smell
the blood of, he shouts fee fi foe fum .He is also made large and
heavy footed therefore he is seen to be the "bady"

In the opening of the film you soon discover that the opening is not
alike any other fairy tale around at this present time .It starts by
Shrek reading a fairy tale out of a book, you do not seen any part of
his body other than the big green hand that turns the pages. He reads
through the book until he gets to the last line which reads "and they
lived happily ever after" he stands up and shouts yer right you
realize that this wont be any ordinary fairy tale as he come out of
the toilet where he has been reading the story and jumps into a muddy
swamp for a bath! Which cues sub-titles and music. This is far from
the traditional fairy tale in what way you ask well... You are usually
introduced to a solemn young girl in need of a young charming prince
to come a rescue her from the highest tower of a castle. So I think
the viewers would be extremely surprised when they get the grossness
of Shrek thrown at them.

The first section of the opening suggests the usual fairy tale
situation, but then all unveils as the music changes and Shrek comes
out from behind the book. The storybook characters soon arrive and the
mouse scuttles across the table and Shrek bellows across to donkey to
stop it soon realizing that it wasn’t him. Relaxing to carry on with
his meal he gets bitten on the ear by some mice he goes to hit them
but they are too fast for him. This is quite a laughable moment as the
mice are blind! Snow white is then pushed on to the table and Shrek
starts to get angry he goes out side as he is pushed out by the some
what disturbed story book characters to find the whole fairy tale
kingdom camping in his swamp he shouts and screams "this is my swamp"
and "get out get out” He finally gets them quiet enough to try and
find out where they have come from and when he finds out its lord
farquaad he claims that he will go and get his swamp back and them
removed they all cheer with joy. Is the nice side of Shrek staring to

All Shrek wants is for them to be off his land this is only fair
isn't it? So I feel that Shrek is being...

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