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Shrek The Musical Essay

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Shrek The Musical"Shrek the musical" is a musical theatre based on 2001 DreamWorks production Oscar winning animated movie "Shrek" and based on William Steig's book "Shrek!". The musical directed by Matthew S Rumsey is based on a grouchy ogre Shrek and his quest to rescue and woo the romantic princess assisted by a talking donkey.CharacterThe musical theatre mainly consisted of four main characters. They were Shrek the ogre, the donkey, Princess Fiona, and the ruthless ruler of Duloc Lord Farquaad. Shrek was the titular protagonist, and was portrayed as both a conventional and stereotypical ogre. Since Shrek was the lead character in the play, all other characters were constructed around it. The character of the adult Shrek was played by Ryan Everett Wood. The donkey was the deuteragonist, which played the role of the close friend and aid of the ogre. The character of the donkey was to support the character of Shrek in the play, and be the catalyst to encourage Shrek to slowly transform from a rude and solitary ogre into a lover and friendly living being. The donkey was an optimist and loyal, and was not afraid of the ogre. The playful character of the donkey was played by Lyonel Reneau. Princess Fiona was the tritagonist in the play. Fiona was an unconventional princess who was not reserved and royal, she was a girl next door, waiting for her prince to come, she was ready to participate in belching contest, and ready to accept an ogre as her prince. Fiona defined a purpose in the life of the lead character Shrek, paved path for a dramatic war between Shrek and the dragon, till the end took the character of Shrek along with her to curve out a love relationship but yet kept it unrevealed to Shrek till end to add the flavour of suspense to the play. This character also kept a dark secret about her of being an ogre after every sunset which is unconventional for a princess. She revealed the secret at the middle of the Act 2 to stun me. This character was played by Brittney Morton. The character of ruthless evil ruler of Duloc, Lord Farquaad was the antagonist in the play. This character created an environment of discomfort for the lead character Shrek who was used to his solitary stay in his swamp, by banishing the fairy tale creatures who took refuge in the ogre's swamp. This led to the series of events which ultimately lead to the conclusion of the play. The ruthless and rude behaviour of the character and his attempt to treacherously marry Fiona for power and prestige rather than love set a perfect stage for the lead character Shrek to fearlessly reveal his true love to win the heart of Fiona, which ensured a happy ending of the musical comedy. This character of villain was played by Matthew S Rumsey, who was also the director. Minor characters of the fairy tale creatures, Lord Farquaad's soldiers, the Dragon, the knights etc. kept the momentum going and helped the play to be an entertaining work of art through their songs, choreography, touch of...

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