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Shrimp Essay

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The ocean is an exciting yet mysterious body of element that is still being discovered today. One of the smallest creatures to occupy the ocean habitat, the Snapping Shrimp is security to protect itself and live. The shrimp has very alarming defense mechanisms for its size. The extraordinary shrimp also has somewhat of an abnormal relationship with another sea creature. We as human beings can learn so much from this small animal. Overall, the snapping shrimp is a fascinating creature that continues to thrive in the ocean. In this paper, I will compare the instinctive snapping shrimp to my small stature as a defender of the United States Air Force.
The Snapping Shrimp possesses several names; Symbiosis Shrimp, Pistol Shrimp, Alpheid Shrimp, Alpheidae, and Alpheus heterochaelis. Those are only a few to name. With over 600 species in its family, the shrimps commonly dwell in tropical waters similar to the Mediterranean Sea and the tropical oceans of the Caribbean. The shrimp can be found mostly in waters of sandy layers, rock caves, coral reefs, submerged sea grass flats and oyster reefs in dim light.
The Snapping Shrimp grows to be about 2 inches long. The shrimp has two claws. One normal size claw and one large snapper claw that is able to grow up to half the body size. The bigger claw similar to a boxing glove but with pistol similar features. It should also be noted that the shrimp has the ability to reverse the larger claw. When the snapping claw is disabled or broken, the shrimp regenerates the disabled claw in to the smaller claw. The original smaller claw now grows into the new snapping claw.
The snapping sound the shrimp produces is so vital that it contributes to its name. Scientist thought that the sound came from between the claws. However it was later discovered that the sound came from the collapsing of the small bubbles generated by the closing motion. (American Association For The Advancement Of Science, 2000) The claw stays open until the muscle that manages the snap is closed. A powerful jet stream of water that has been known to travel up to 60 mph shoots out. The snapping sounds reaches 218 decibels. Our eardrum ruptures at whooping 150 decibels. The snap of the shrimp generates an atmospheric sound wave that stuns small prey and big predators. The snap works as a weapon and also a communication tool to contact other shrimp. This sound is quite possibly one of the loudest in the ocean. The snap also produces a flash of light that can reach up to 10,000 degrees Kelvin. That is 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit and is extremely hot. That is almost as hot as the surface of the sun. At first scientist believed the flashing feature was similar to Sonoluminescence. After more conducted research, the feature was labeled as “Shrimpoluminescence.” A flash of light so fast, it cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Exploring the inhabitants of the Snapping Shrimp, one might see the goby fish living in the same structure. The species have what is...

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