Shut Down Your Screen Week Essay

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Technology can disrupt people’s train of thought. To begin with, many people around the world use technology. Electronics can help students and also affect them in many ways, but whether or not shutting down all electronics can help. Schools should participate in “Shut Down Your Screen Week” because of many reasons.
First of all, using electronics causes people to get distracted. According to Nicholas Carr, in the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” from The New York Times Upfront, “When we use our computers and our cell phones all the time, we’re always distracted.”This sentence stated by Nicholas Carr contributes to my claim of participating in “Shut Down Your Screen Week.” For instance, when students are at home using their electronics they get distracted from doing their homework. This is a way technology is affecting many students. This article by Nicholas Carr supports my argument of participating in “Shut Down Your Screen Week” because many students do get distracted while using electronics causing them not to do their work.
Secondly, technology causes lack of social bonds. According to Sheri Hosale from the website,, in the article, 25 Negative Effects of Technology, she says “The more we isolate ourselves with technology the fewer bonds we will form.” This statement from Sheri Hosale’s article demonstrates my claim that schools should participate in “Shut Down Your Screen Week.” This can be seen when children spend too much time in the internet, that they never make any bonds with other people. This can cause children to spend the rest of their life alone with no one to talk to face to face. This piece of evidence supports my claim of participating in “Shut Down Your Screen Week” because in the future being able to have relationships with others will be very important.
Finally, using electronics changes the behavior of people. According...

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