Shut Off The Lights And Sleep

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What is known about sleep is that human beings sleep about 1/3 of their lives (National Sleep Foundation [NSF]). Sleep is considered a beautiful function for the human body, the ability to shut the mind and have a somewhat “reboot” every time, feeling refreshed the next day. Of course, it’s well known to everyone that sleep is very beneficial. Sadly enough, many people are not getting enough sleep as they should be. The average adult has to have at least 7 to 8 hours, but the average hours of sleep is 6.5 (Geyer, Talachi and Carney). On this planet called Earth, humans have evolved to where artificial light has been created and how work is never done. There are times where the night shift, sometimes called the graveyard shift, is needed. Humans were not meant to be nocturnal, but many people seem to enjoy the night life. Without sleep, there are very serious consequences. The “sleep debt”, which means the hours that a person has lost, needs to be repaid (citation). There are short-term to long-term issues when there is no sleep. There ways to solve this. Sometimes many people have nights where they cannot sleep, so they take certain items or eat special foods to help go to sleep. Those choices must be careful, prescriptions for sleep are not as beneficial as, does more harm than good. There is more to sleep than just closing the eyes.
Sleep is the natural state of fractional consciousness where a person can be aroused by stimulation (NSF). The brain releases naturally made melatonin that helps the person fall asleep. What is important about sleep is the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm, also known as the “biological Clock”, gives people a 24 hour sleep/wake pattern into the day. Surprisingly enough, when day light savings come and the clock has to fall back an hour, people are actually getting 25 hours a day, instead of 24. When the clock has to “spring” forward, people lose an hour so it ends up being 23 hours a day. As simple as this may sound, there are actually different stages in falling asleep, staying asleep, and even reaching the dream state of sleep. There are about five different stages of sleep. Sleep is measured in waves, where the first stage is called “Light Theta Wave Sleep” that only lasts about five minutes and is the beginning of sleep (NSF). The second stage is called “True Light Theta Sleep”, there is no true explanation of this stage, but it does lead to the third stage of sleep, which is called “Early Deep Slow Wave Sleep”. The third stage lasts 15-30 minutes and occurs within the first two cycles of sleep which is about 3-4 hours. The fourth stage called “Deep Slow Delta Sleep”. This is where the restoration of the body starts to work (NSF). The last stage is called “Rapid-Eye Movement (REM)” which is the state of sleep where the body is completely paralyzed. The cycle repeats many times over in the night. The cycle is important, but even getting enough sleep is beneficial.
When asleep, the body repairs its...

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