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Shutter Island Essay

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In the movie Shutter Island, Leonardo DiCaprio is portrayed as a U.S. Marshal brought to Ashecliffe to investigate the disappearance of a patient but it is later brought to his attention that he is in fact a patient at Ashecliffe. DiCaprio, also known as Teddy Daniels or Andrew Laeddis is haunted by a horrible past that has caused psychological problems to develop and surface. Throughout the movie, DiCaprio’s character is constantly affecting the people around him in a harmful way due to his illness. He also conjures up stories and has delusions so that he does not have to deal with the truth about his life and what he had done in his past. Lastly, he does come to the realization of the ...view middle of the document...

.. violent. Trained. Dangerous. You're the most dangerous patient we have. You've injured orderlies, guards, other patients. Two weeks ago you attacked George Noyce.” (Scorsese, 2010). Teddy apparently attacked George because he called him Laeddis. When Teddy and his partner go to look for Laeddis in Ward C after the storm, Teddy is attacked by a patient that does not want to leave Ashecliffe and Teddy sends the patient to the infirmary because of the beating that he had given him for getting in the way of the truth that he is so desperately seeking for.
Teddy also has delusions to hide the truth about the things that he does not want to remember. When asked about his wife by his partner, Teddy responds with a story about her dying due to a fire that happened in their apartment but in reality, Teddy killed her after she drowned their children one by one. Teddy claims that Andrew Laeddis is the maintenance man that started the fire that killed his wife when he is in fact Andrew Laddis himself. Also, Teddy created anagrams for his and his wife’s names so that he did not have to deal with the fact that he was Andrew Laeddis. In Shutter Island, Teddy suffers from delusions caused by schizophrenia because he cannot handle the truth and does not want to. “The central feature of schizophrenia is distortions of cognition that put the individual ‘out of touch with reality.’ Persons with schizophrenia often hold strange false beliefs (delusions) and have distorted and bizarre false perceptual experiences (hallucinations). (Lahey, 2012). I also believe that Teddy suffers from dissociative identity disorder due to the second personality he projects as Andrew Laeddis.
At the end of the movie, Dr. Cawley and Dr. Sheehan convince Teddy of...

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