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Sick Leave Case Study

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Three respective Canadian citizens are vying for rights in the case study surrounding Kelly. Kelly, Suzanne, and Mark are dedicated language teachers working for the Japan Exchange Teaching Program also known as JET. Specifically designed by the Japanese government JET was initiated to improve education in English language. Not only is teaching the role of Kelly, Suzanne, and Mark, but they also hold an important role between internationalization between various cultures.
In this case any workplace problem experienced by Kelly is ultimately resolved through the ALT program which stands for Assistant Language Teacher (Jet Program, 2013). Further problems experienced by Kelly if not resolved through the ALT program falls back on CLAIR which is the Conference of Local Authorities for International Relations. All minor problems would be highly unlikely to ever reach the hands of CLAIR unless the host institution was unable to resolve the problem (Jet Program, 2013). This cast study exhibits emotions through various individuals as they face conflicts between the Japanese officials.
The dilemma of Kelly
Kelly in the case study is in an inferior position in a strange country. Even though Kelly accepted the position of the Assistant Language Teacher she is ultimately not her own boss. Under the direction of Mr. Higashi, Kelly works at her own pace. Whey vying for time off, she must confront Mr. Higashi in hopes that he will bend the roles slightly for her. Even though the case refers to Mr. Higashi “admiring Kelly” at the beginning of the case, she does not seem to be on his good side in the end.
Kelly deserves every right to ask for sick time off of work. In fact, employees are entitled to 10 days of paid personal leave per year (Australian government, 2013). Depending on the work status of Kelly she would be entitled to her time off regardless of her reasoning. Mr. Higashi left Kelly with a feeling of inferiority in her failed efforts to grant her time off. Knowing the circumstances of Kelly and the outcome of Mr. Higashi she has every right to call CLAIR to settle the matter. An employer must not exert or influence pressure on an employee to deny personal or sick leave (Jet Program, 2013).
Encompassed in the case scenario is a feeling of the Japanese employees not liking the ALTS assuming that they were not “committed workers”. Perhaps if Kelly would exert efforts to report Higashi to CLAIR her attempts would result in failure once again. It is also noted in the scenario that if Japanese use up all their vacation time they could risk losing their jobs. Kelly has to look at the situation from a standpoint of either wanting or replacing her current job.
Since Mr. Higashi is from Japan he may have cultural beliefs towards the ALTs in their values or beliefs. Perhaps in Japanese culture Mr. Higashi was taking Kelly’s motives in a negative manner assuming that she valued time away from work more than...

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