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Sicko By Michael Moore: Disfunctional Health Care

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This documentary is directed by Michael Moore which exposes the dysfunctional health care in United State which provided by profit oriented health maintenance organization (HMO) compare to free health care in country like Canada, England, and France. He interview patient and doctor in the England about cost, quality, and salaries. He also talks about how the government initially refused to pay for the health care for the 9/11 volunteers, because they were not on the government payroll which make it difficult to have a standard health care. In Cuba, access to health care is universal and they spend around $251 per person but in United state health care cost nearly $7,000 per person. The only ...view middle of the document...

Even people with health insurance are not fully covered and these health insurance company don’t about people’s life because when people that thought that they are covered needed them a lot of this people get denied all this insurance company cares about is their profit. Insurance companies are now enterprise all their aims are to make profit but not to save dyeing people lives. This is a big slap on American government, they make people pay for insurance but when they need them, they get denied and there is nothing to do about it. Because of this, lot of people have suffered in pain and lost their lives.
This is a very interesting documentary. It is so sad to know that we don't have health care in this country. We lived in a country where people are denied life to live, where we don't care for each other regardless the situation, where power to care for a patient is taking from the doctor. There is a part in this documentary that some patients were sent out of the hospital because they can't afford to pay their medical bills. I thought America have a better system of government than we do in Africa, i thought American has equal right to everyone especially a standard health care no matter how poor or rich you are, i thought it is a very kind, generous, with a good heart and soul. I...

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