Sid And Nancy, By Alex Cox

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Based in the seventies Sid and Nancy, directed by Alex Cox in the year 1986 was full of foul language, bad acting, and loud music but made up for it with humor, love, betrayal, and truth.
Sid and Nancy was based on the true life story of The Sex Pistol’s lead guitarist Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. This particular story is a classic love, hate, tragedy. Sid Vicious was an aggressive punk rock party animal who acquired a raunchy soft spot for the American heroin addicted groupie, Nancy. Amidst his already eventful life of moshing, loud parties, anarchy, and ravenous drug use, Nancy introduced heroin into the mix.
What started as a casual coincidence of pairing up, became a traumatic relationship for the both of them, and the rest of the world. Although they were madly in love they rarely saw eye to eye, unless it was during a drug induced state of mind. Their relationship created a barrier between Sid and the rest of the band. He would be so overwhelmingly high that he often could not properly function while performing on stage. The other members of the band quit multiple times throughout their career, due primarily to Sid’s attitude and Nancy’s presence.
In the conclusion of the movie The Sex Pistols break up during an American Tour, Sid increased the amount of heroin he used. He declares one night that he wants to return to England and stop abusing drugs, heroin in particular so that he could focus on his music career. Nancy who was suffering from a sever depressed state of mind begged and pleaded with him not to go. She said that she would rather die than start over without him in her life, a pact they had made. Somewhere during a very physical and emotional and ultimately disastrous confrontation between the two of them, Sid stabbed Nancy. Nancy Spungen was found dead in their hotel bathroom while Sid sat with a seemingly empty glare in the other room. He was then arrested and soon released on bail, only to overdose sometime after.
Sid and Nancy were considered to be very symbolic, because of their undying commitment and love for one another. There is a part of the movie where The Sex Pistols are performing a show on a boat. The boat full of fans and the band is pulled over into the harbor, everyone goes running and screaming off of the boat and onto the boardwalk trying to avoid being obtained by police. Through the people being arrested, accosted, and tackled comes Sid and Nancy walking calmly through the middle of all of the chaos. This scene is very symbolic of their love affair, they were untouchable, no one could reach or affect them.
however in the end of the movie Sid is dancing with children when a cab pulls up to him with Nancy in the backseat, he joins her and they ride off into the sunset. This also was very symbolic because she was already dead and he overdosed shortly...

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