Siddhartha How Do Siddhartha's Friendships/Relationships Influence His Decisions On The Path Towards Enlightenment? Specifics: Father, Govinda, Buddha, Kamala, Vasudeva

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Leaving his loving family and home where all loved him, shows us that Siddhartha not only knows what he wants but will do anything to attain it. As described on pages 10 through 12, Siddhartha did not leave his father's chambers until he had gotten his way, until his father had agreed to Siddhartha's wishes and let him leave home to join the Samanas. This stubbornness, this patience with people and situations is also a large part of Siddhartha's character. It enables him to out wait anyone or anything, which teaches him how to do without and also helps him through his time with the Samanas. "Siddhartha learned a great deal from the Samanas he learned many ways of losing the Self". Despite the new knowledge he acquired, Siddhartha realized that it was only.... a temporary palliative against the pain and folly of life". And with this, his next decision was to leave the Samanas and go in search of the Buddha in order to learn perhaps something he did not already know. Through this we learn that Siddhartha, having learned all that is possible in one place, moves to another in search for more knowledge in search for the secret of how to obtain inner peace, how to find the Self. This action also shows his change by showing us that Siddhartha no longer has the patience to stick to certain routines as he did when he was at home in his youth. Finding the Buddha in a garden, Siddhartha and Govinda spend an evening and afternoon in the "...Jetavana grove" listening to the teachings of the Buddha. Although what he has to say is all important and thought to be flawless, Siddhartha finds that the Buddha's "... doctrine of rising above the world, of salvation, has a small gap". This realization that teachings are not flawless shows that Siddhartha has started thinking on his own. He no longer practices routines of cleansing or chants verses in order to obtain a moment of inner peace. Once again, Siddhartha renews his journey, leaving Govinda and the Illustrious One behind, believing that no one finds salvation through teachings. Siddhartha was a deep thinker. He had found a flaw with the flawless teachings of the Buddha. He had realized that he would never get inner peace through others teachings, but that he alone had to seek it and experience it himself. And this is what he did, stopping next for a lesson in love from the beautiful courtesan, Kamala. Because of this experience, he shed his Samana robes and became a merchant. He gambled and acquired riches all for the love of a beautiful woman, Kamala. As the years passed, Siddhartha's soul became corrupted with characteristics of common people. He relied on luxury now, when before he could have fasted or begged for his food. His goals...

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